Best First Class Seats of 2019

Everyone knows that airlines regularly try to increase the number of seats in the cabin, in order to transport more passengers and get higher profits. But this concerns only the economy class, while the first class flights are becoming more comfortable, more creative, and luxurious.

Dealing with Cheap First Class airline consolidator passengers won’t regret the money spent on their flights as money spent on comfort aren’t spent in vain. Using services of Cheap First Class passengers will have an exclusive possibility to enjoy the seats easily transforming into the full-sized beds, on which they can completely lie down.

However, as the first-class passengers are no longer surprised by the solid size screens, and headphones for eliminating the noise, the world airlines continue to offer more and more extravagant amenities and services to their customers, focusing their efforts on providing first-class services such as private rooms, massage chairs, showers, and even full-sized bedrooms.

First-Class ticket prices vary between $2,000 to $20,000 and even more. The world record was made by Singapore Airlines, which offered a first class flight from New York to Singapore for $100,000. Australian millionaire Julian Hayward purchased an exclusive flight. That man was honored to become the first passenger of the Airbus A380.

Best First Classes Seats rating

Lufthansa – First class seats provided by Lufthansa Airlines are constantly rated as the five stars seats both by passengers and aviation industry experts. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of seats, passengers can relax in complete comfort or lower their seats to enjoy sleeping in 2-meters-long beds. Moreover, passengers can spend their time in flight with a dinner cooked by the chef and the best wines from the famous wine maestro Marcus Del Montego. During the trip, it is possible to get a shower using luxury toiletries and cosmetic products that are available both in the toilet and on request.

British Airways – offers first-class passengers such elite amenities as a personal spacious room, a comfortable, fully-customizable chair that becomes a flat bed with a mattress, a relaxing face or body massage.

Korean Air – offers first class seats suitable for passengers who appreciate the outdoor working space. The cabin equipped with seats with additional retractable legroom, as well as a separate office space with individual screens on which passengers can watch the sky around the plane in real time. For passengers who want to relax and rest, the seat width of 65 centimeters can be expanded by an additional 15 centimeters. When unfolded, the seat transforms into a two-meter-long bed with an extremely comfortable mattress that provides maximum comfort during long flights.

American Airlines – in addition to exceptional service and a unique menu, this airline provides the most comfortable seats in the world. The unique ones in airline industry seats that rotate in the unfolded position reaching a length of 2 meters. This makes it possible to turn to each other and speak face to face during flights and turn back after the conversation is over. If passengers are tired, they can easily transform their chairs into comfortable beds.

Air France – first-class places are so charming there that they resemble more a winged hotel than actually a plane. The interior of the rooms is a combination of simplicity and elegance. 24-inch touchscreen, a lot of space, luxurious beds and 5-star hotel level bedding, meals from the chef, a wine map updated every two months. The main feature is that the entire section of the aircraft is reserved for only from 4 to 9 passengers so that guests can enjoy complete privacy.

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