Do You Believe These Dumb Myths About Charging Your Phone?

As cell phones and their batteries evolve, so does the advice for maintaining a healthy battery life. What might have been true when you bought your first cell 10 years ago is probably going to need some updating, don’t you think?

So how are you supposed to know good information from bad?

Assuming you have a modern smartphone with a lithium ion battery, these are the charging myths that may have once been good advice but are now likely to do more harm than good. Myth number three is the one that seems to shock people the most and you are probably doing it every day.

Myth #6 Don’t Charge In Small Intervals

It was previously considered bad form to charge your phone in short, choppy flashes because your battery would develop a “memory” and stop taking a full charge. Fortunately for all of us, batteries are not sentient and do not develop a memory for charges, so you are good to plug that baby in, even for just 10 minutes.