Before/After Photos Of Ugly Kids Turned Major Hotties

5. Getting That Keg Down To A Six Pack


Every nerd has been shot down by the beautiful girl at school. At least that’s what I heard… sigh. Now picture that popular princess drooling over your new six pack and prominent pectorals. It might be hard to resist her coming on to you but, trust us, it’s absolutely worth it.

4. A Satisfying Transformation


We all secretly root for the underdog. There’s something satisfying about watching someone slowly climb their way up to the top. If only people realized how beautiful people become. We might start to look at the internal qualities that make people so unique and beautiful before judging what is on the outside. Especially when it’s only a few facial accessories like #3.

3. Four Eyes And One Heart


Those of us who have worn glasses our entire lives understand the stigma associated with wearing braces and spectacles. “Nerd” and “geek” are just a couple of words we have heard on a regular basis. We barely got a second look. Now that your teeth are straight and you discovered contact lenses, you begin to emerge as a beautiful swan.

2. Life-Changing Changes

Reddit (Deleted User) via The Obscenery

Physical changes can have a drastic effect on our internal feelings. The better we feel about ourselves, the greater our self-esteem becomes. Having that extra boost of confidence can make the people who thought it was funny to ridicule feel that much more terrible about the decisions they have made. As you’ll see in #1, confidence is sexy.

1. The Sexiest Part Of All


Confidence looks good on anyone. As you can see, it doesn’t take a fake smile to look good. It’s satisfying to know that this user posted her before and after photos for the purpose of showing off her transformation. Remember these faces the next time you think it’s a good idea to make fun of someone because of the way they look.