Beauty Through The Ages: What We Used To Think Was Beautiful

FeaturedGirlsFashion can be one of the most important things in some people’s lives. Even those who don’t care about what they look like still have to buy shirts and pants to cover their bodies somehow! Fashion is a social construct; there is no right or wrong way to dress as long as you’re protecting yourself from natural elements like extreme cold or heat. Regardless, our culture is still obsessed with fashion trends and the way we look and have been for an extremely long time. Take a look back at how our beauty trends have changed all the way since the Renaissance Era!

#18 The Beginning

001--18-the-beginning-54221313cc314a81d798fb18e0d8bb74The Renaissance Era took place between the 1600’s and 1800’s. During this time, clothes weren’t always a necessity, as can be seen from many of the paintings of the time. Those who did wear clothes wore large puffy dresses and capes, just barely enough to cover their bodies. It wasn’t really about what you were wearing, it was more about whether you wanted to cover up or not. That’s not the only thing that was way different about this era!

#17 Woman Were Curvier

002--17-woman-were-curvier-2ef499c389914135f689269a5ef941d6There really wasn’t a standard body for women to have at the time. Many women in paintings were much curvier and not afraid to hide a little extra fat on their hips and thighs. Sometimes, a little extra chunk was a sign of wealth! There really wasn’t much body shaming, and all types of women’s bodies were embraced. You’ll see how things quickly changed.

#16 Victorian Era

Screenshot - 10_10_2016 , 4_13_12 p_mThe Victorian Era came right after the Renaissance Era around the 1800’s. This became a much more conservative time, and it was important to cover up due to religious purposes. Colors became a lot more muted and darker and the bright flashy capes were left behind. One of the most horrific trends appeared and was quite the opposite of the Renaissance era. Click ahead to see what it was!

#15 Women Need Small Waists!

004--15-women-need-small-waists--31fd43c0ad2b50f163558de2c5098324The Victorian Era was a time for tiny waists! Women would wear extremely tight corsets in order to cinch their waists and make them tinier. To some, it looked great, but many of the women dealt with a lot of pain to achieve this look. Corsets were pretty dangerous and could actually break women’s ribs! You know what they say. “Beauty is pain.”

#14 Roaring Twenties

eewfewfRight after the uptight Victorian Era came the Roaring Twenties! This was a time when people could finally embrace fashion again and not be afraid to show off their bodies! During prohibition, it was all about partying, and the fashion trends definitely showed this. The women were pretty happy about a new trend too! Go to the next slide to see what it was!