These Beautiful Interracial Celebrity Couples Are Truly Inspiring

While interracial dating was looked down upon for a long time, it’s completely common to see mixed couples walking down the street today. In Hollywood, many celebrities of various backgrounds have found themselves in the arms of someone completely different, and it’s a beautiful thing! We take a look at 10 of the most popular celeb couples that can make even the harshest skeptics out there believe that love truly knows no boundaries.

The first couple on this list are one of the most iconic interracial couples of all time, and their remarkable beauty is something to behold.

10. David Bowie & Iman

10 years after his divorce from Mary Angela Barnett, the late David Bowie met model Iman, and the two fell hard for each other. In 1992, the beloved couple got married in a private ceremony. In 2000, they gave birth to their only child Alexandria “Lexi” Zahra Jones. The couple split their time between New York City and London.