The Baby Orangutan Was Tied To A Tree Waiting For Help

The orangutan should be the species that we treat with the greatest level of dignity. There is no other ape on the planet with more in common with humanity that the orangutan. It may be our direct evolutionary descendant.


However, sadly for orangutans, this isn’t how human beings work. Instead, we destroy our natural habitat.

The orangutan is only found in Borneo between Malaysia and Indonesia – and those orangutans that survive are often cruelly persecuted by the people around them.

Take this poor orangutan who was chained up by villagers. Who would have dreamed of what was coming next for this poor creature?

12. BKSDA Nature Conservation Agency

When wild animals are captured, it often goes unnoticed, but occasionally the police are motivated to get in touch with BKSDA Nature Conservation Agency when they hear of something. The center received a tip-off regarding an animal chained to a tree from the police in October 2016 and went to investigate.

11. To Kalimantan

Their team headed out to Central Kalimantan where the reports told them to look and there they found our orangutan chained to a tree. She’d been bound so tight that she’d lost circulation to her limbs and they were badly swollen and painful. The team gave the orangutan the name Rawit.

10. Rawit’s Despair

Poor Rawit, as you can see from this photo – she was visibly distressed. In fact, she’s acting much the same way that you or I might if we were chained to a tree and abused. The rescuing team concluded that the village had expected to be able to sell the orangutan into the illegal pet trade.

9. Big Losses

In Indonesia, the orangutan has lost more than 80% of its natural habitat in just two decades. The forests are being cleared in order to make room for palm plantations which provide palm-oil that can be sold at a large profit. It is estimated that there are only 60,000 orangutans remaining in the wild.