Awesome Ways To Use Legos You Never Thought Of

It would be hard to find someone who has never heard of Legos. The sturdy little plastic building blocks are a right of passage in childhood, and something that many of us so-called “adults” never really outgrow. Did you know that they could be used for so many more things besides building castles and cars?

Check out our list of ten incredible household uses for the humble Lego. From clever ways to organize your life to brilliant ideas to brighten up your surroundings, we’ve got the perfect excuse to get you playing with your favorite building bricks again.

10. Build Your Own Gift Box


You’ve spent a lot of time and effort to find just the right gift. What better way to make it even more special than to use Legos to make a unique gift box to give it in? It can then be recycled to store trinkets and such or disassembled for more building fun. Our next idea would make a great gift as well.


9. Keep Your Books In Line

This one is for all my fellow bibliophiles out there. Rather than letting your precious books fall all over into messy heaps on your bookshelves, just use Legos to build yourself a set of bookends to keep them in line. Extra creativity points for matching the bookends to the books. Once you have your books squared away, #8 will help you conquer something we’ve all had trouble with a time or two.


8. Search No More

Are you always frantically searching for your keys? Use Legos to make yourself a place to park them and search no more. You can go as simple as a building plate with a few of your favorite minifigs hanging out, or make an intricate pattern to match your decor. Attach a Lego to your key ring and you’ll never have to wonder how they wound up in the freezer again.