Attention Men: Do These 22 Little Things to Make Ladies MUCH Happier .. Some Are Just too Easy !

Hey guys, do positive relationships seem like a complete mystery? Do you find it hard to please your lady? Well stop right here and listen up, because we’ve got some super simple advice that will keep you out of the doghouse and right in your special woman’s heart.

The thing is, it’s not even that difficult to be a positive force in your relationship. Women may seem complicated, but their desires are no more opaque than your own. It’s all about doing the little things that build up to something much more important. When you’re looking to make your partner happy, try remembering these simple rules.

1. Remember her friends’ names.



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Seriously, if you can’t make a mental note of her friends’ names, you probably don’t deserve to be with her. This one is stupidly simple and requires only a bit of effort, even if remember names in general isn’t your forte. When she introduces her friends, make a mental note to connect their faces and say the names aloud. When she knows that you know her life, she feels more confident about you as a partner.

2. Clean up after yourself.


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This is one that should just fall under “how to adult,” but sure, it helps big time in keeping a relationship afloat. When she visits your place, you’ll want to show that you can manage your own home and, you know, not be a total slob. If you’re living together, it’s even more important. You never want to make her feel like your mom, cleaning up after your messes!

3. Actually tell her how you feel.


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Be honest. Be open. We know it’s hard; us guys are often raised to be buttoned up, keeping this supposed “feminine” aspect hidden. But having feelings isn’t limited to one sex, and bottling them up never works in the long run. Tell her when you’re happy as much as you tell her when you’re feeling down. Opening up helps both of you connect on a deeper level.

4. Don’t pressure her into anything.


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When you think of pressure in a relationship, your mind probably jumps right to sex. You wouldn’t be wrong, but it’s not the whole picture. Guilt tripping and coercion have no place in a quality relationship. You’re not battling a mortal enemy or trying to climb the ladder at work; you’re trying to be a team. When she says no, that’s it! This works both ways, of course, so don’t become the one who rolls over every time a choice has to be made.

5. Don’t criticize her food or drink choices.


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Unless we’re talking about a serious alcohol problem, you really should keep your mouth shut if you’ve got objections to her choice of drink or dinner. It’s not just rude to cast doubt on someone else’s meal; it’s possibly damaging to her dietary decisions. You wouldn’t want someone second guessing something so personal, so try not to do the same to the woman you’re with.