Artistic Father-Daughter Team Go Viral For Loving, Crazy Hair Pics

featured-imageSometimes it’s the little things in life that make it all worth living. There’s a great pleasure to be drawn from seeing happy people leading happy lives and that’s where Benny Harlem comes in.


Benny’s become something of a social media sensation and for a good reason. Unlike the Kardashians and other purveyors of sleaze online, Benny’s caught the public eye because of his healthy, loving and proud relationship with his daughter.

His story is quite amazing and it makes his current success even easier to appreciate. So let’s take a look at how Benny Harlem became a star.

12. Aspirational

001-12-aspirational-a10d145966ef53f33e90e1852c5b5e07Benny Harlem has a seven-year-old daughter named Jaxyn. Benny’s working as an artist, musician and model, but he’s caught some attention for his incredibly loving relationship with his daughter. You won’t believe how many people have tuned into them on social media to follow their story.

11. Matching Hair

002-11-matching-hair-2e53af91cf65f0527b267cdbb3d5e457Harlem and his daughter, Jaxyn, couldn’t be more clearly related if they tried. Those awesome hairdos are 100% real and there are no extensions or weaves involved. It’s obviously a good look because it has inspired more than 200,000 people to follow their photo account on Instagram.

10. Inspiring Ideals

003-10-inspiring-ideals-61ecdac3218d71aa2491dae1cb5d8907Harlem’s happy that the world can see how much he loves his daughter and she loves him in return but that’s not the only reason he uses his Instagram account. He wants to inspire people to have better relationships with their children and to act responsibly within those relationships.

9. Fatherly Love

004-9-fatherly-love-927f7d6d04b5e33cc6a68771e8d2a4feHarlem says he’s proud to put his daughter at the highest point in his life. He says that she’s got to learn to love herself because then everything else in her life will fall into line. It’s something that he learned through bitter experience because of his own family situation.