Alaskan Black Wolf Stalked This Photographer — What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind

Romeo Continues To Make Friends

006-romeo-continues-to-make-friends-722850As wolves are usually known to be predators, especially around animals, it was surprising when Romeo got to know other dogs in the area as well. He became not just a regular visitor, but practically a member of the Juneau community. His favorite place to hang around was Mendenhall Glacier Park, where he met other dogs and their owners.

Not Everybody Was Happy To See Romeo At First

007-not-everybody-was-happy-to-see-romeo-at-982997e7c704553ff6bd5eabb3fe23fbAs with most things people fear, it’s often coming face to face with it which makes that fear fall to the wayside. The same thing happened with locals who’d met Romeo for the first time. They couldn’t know at first that this Alaskan black wolf wasn’t going to attack them, and initially avoided him.

Residents Of Juneau Eventually Realized Romeo Was No Threat

As time passed and Romeo made repeated appearances with no attacks, the people who regularly visited Mendenhall Glacier Park came to realize the wolf wasn’t a threat. As he continued his trend of social interactions and people saw he meant them no harm, tolerance led to acceptance. The park and Juneau eventually realized they had a willing mascot of sorts.

Romeo Wanted To Play With The Dogs

009-romeo-wanted-to-play-with-the-dogs-bcc9d1a32ccea5f86602fa5393987604After people and their dogs learned to accept Romeo, they also learned his real purpose for visiting the park. The Alaskan black wolf just wanted to play, especially with the dogs. He didn’t care about breed or size. Dobermans and dachshunds were as equal to him as Pomeranians, pit bulls, and German Shepherds.

The Wolf Who Played With People

010-the-wolf-who-played-with-people-a46c1ca71ef174eaae01306a24f10f83Romeo didn’t limit his playful nature to just other dogs of course. He often liked to play fetch, very unlike the fierce nature of predators. He would often come out of the forest with toys he wanted the Juneau locals to throw for him.

What do you do when a wolf wants to play fetch? You most likely do the same thing the Mendenhall Glacier Park visitors did. You oblige.