Alaskan Black Wolf Stalked This Photographer — What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind

fotorcreatedWhen most people think of a wolf, they often think of the villainous canine which stalked characters in the popular fairy tales about “Little Red Riding Hood” and the three little pigs. The wolf is often a symbol of courage and ferocity, and feared for its nocturnal hunting tactics; stalking and killing its prey at a time of significantly lower visibility. In one Alaskan city, however, one wolf proved to be anything but threatening as it approached Juneau through the lens of photographer Nick Jans.


The wolf, named Romeo, ended up proving that just because something sounds scary, it doesn’t mean it is, and Juneau is that much nicer a place to live because of him.


The Average Misconception About Wolves

001-the-average-misconception-about-wolves-3bd42a61838bcaee231d67f7880155eaOf the most dangerous animals in the wild, wolves often rank extremely high. The ferocious canine often prowls forests, blending in with the night as its stealth makes it just as dangerous as the bear. What you might not realize is that the wolf is often only dangerous if it’s hungry or feels threatened, or if you happen to invade its territory. The average dog, considered man’s best friend, is actually a distant relative of the wolf, and just as dangerous.

When Nick Jans’ dog met one, it worried him.