Very Adult Jokes That Made It Into Children’s Movies

7. The Cat In The Hat

This might have been a little overboard. To be fair, it was a pretty crummy movie which failed to deliver on the Dr. Seuss message, but was there any need for Mike Myers to prance around with a garden implement calling it “a dirty hoe” and then start licking it? Yuck.

6. Robots

We kind of liked Robots’ sweet take on childbirth by having a baby delivered in a box that needs putting together by its parents. Though we weren’t as impressed by the wife telling her husband that “making the baby is the fun part” which felt a little too “nudge, nudge, wink, wink.”

5. Monsters Inc.

It’s not the jokes in Monsters Inc. that were wrong. It was that poster next to Sulley’s head in this scene. That’s not just a little bit wrong, it’s a whole new level of wrong. It can’t be unseen, though fortunately younger, innocent eyes probably won’t see what we see in it.

4. Madagascar

Do we have to spell everything out for you? Well, they certainly did in the kid’s smash hit Madagascar when the zebra finds himself being pursued by the lion intent on making him his dinner. The zebra cries “Sugar Honey Ice Tea!” so spell it out and you’ll see what we mean.

3. Shrek

Shrek is actually full of fairly smutty jokes which walk a fine line between “child-friendly” and “oh my!” But it’s the line when the giant castle is revealed and the owner is asked if he is “compensating for something” where things descend into pure smut of the schoolyard kind.