Very Adult Jokes That Made It Into Children’s Movies

Children’s movies can be wonderfully entertaining for the adults who accompany their kids to the cinema, or they can be a total snore-fest. Sometimes, what works for the little ones doesn’t work so well for the adults in the audience.

These movies, however, all tried to ensure that if the adults stayed on their mental toes (as it were), they would be rewarded with a few laughs especially designed for them.

In each of these 12 children’s films, there’s at least one very adult moment that made it past the censor and to the silver screen.



12. Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams was really allowed a lot of rope in his classic performance as the nanny with a little extra in Mrs. Doubtfire. When “she” is talking to Pierce Brosnan’s character, she spouts on about “Rumple Foreskin” and “a bit of the old cunning linguistics.” Which is jolly naughty indeed.