29 Insanely DANGEROUS Instances of Occupational Health Compromise

The idea of occupational health is implored to make sure companies or individuals set guidelines and parameters to promote safety towards ones work. The demand for speedy delivery of service or production of goods should not impair the sanctity of human life. Risk is constant indeed, however risks can be managed and at best can be minimized.

Flirting with accident and or pushing personal safety at the brink is not the way to go. Here are some instances that show the folly of human race when it comes to securing their own or their employees safety.

1 – Single motor should only be used by a single passenger or at most two persons.

Single motor should only be used by a single passenger or at most two persons.


In this picture you will notice that a bunch of people is riding the motor bike, there are about 6 adults in this particular picture. Notwithstanding the terrain which almost looks like a hill or a mountain side.

2 – Mr. Cliffhanger is hanging by a branch.


When did stairs ever become old fashioned? This guy thinks that he can cut the branch of a tree with his sharp chainsaw by steadying himself on the tree trunk. I am impressed with the buckles he used on his straps, but why on earth did he not use a stair that provides better stability and trajectory for the task at hand.

3 – Creativity and innovation gone offshore.

3. Creativity and innovation gone offshore.

Alright, I have to admire the creativity and the innovation involve in this one. Not to mention being able to improvise with the materials available. But what level of stupidity will think of something like this? By the looks of it, the chair at the back without any secured strap is for a child to sit on. You are not only putting yourself in danger but more so the young person you plan to take on a ride with this bike.