A Carpenter Saw Something Unusual in a Dumpster… But What He Found Is UNREAL!


What kind of things do you throw in a trashcan? Rotten leftovers, used paper towels, a baby, empty take out containers… Wait… Something’s not right. Why would you throw a baby away? We aren’t sure, but that’s exactly what happened to a young boy in Ecuador. Don’t give up on reading now, though. This story starts off sad, but it ends in a really beautiful way. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of luck and good will to make things work out. The world is a funny place, but this story is truly an example of the positives that are left in today’s society. Keep reading to learn the touching story of a carpenter, an orphan, and a family in North Carolina!

What’s That?

1473192301690-01-abandoned-child-1473109610929In the spring of 2004, a carpenter in the Central American country of Ecuador was walking his familiar route home after a long day of work. As he turned the corner, he spied a large dumpster with a bag inside. As he walked closer he discovered that the bag was moving… What was inside? Keep reading to find out!