A Carpenter Saw Something Unusual in a Dumpster… But What He Found Is UNREAL!



What kind of things do you throw in a trashcan? Rotten leftovers, used paper towels, a baby, empty take out containers… Wait… Something’s not right. Why would you throw a baby away? We aren’t sure, but that’s exactly what happened to a young boy in Ecuador. Don’t give up on reading now, though. This story starts off sad, but it ends in a really beautiful way. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of luck and good will to make things work out. The world is a funny place, but this story is truly an example of the positives that are left in today’s society. Keep reading to learn the touching story of a carpenter, an orphan, and a family in North Carolina!

What’s That?

1473192301690-01-abandoned-child-1473109610929In the spring of 2004, a carpenter in the Central American country of Ecuador was walking his familiar route home after a long day of work. As he turned the corner, he spied a large dumpster with a bag inside. As he walked closer he discovered that the bag was moving… What was inside? Keep reading to find out!

Oh, Baby!

1473192302562-02-abandoned-child-1473109880933He pulled open the edges of the bag and when he looked inside there is no doubt he will never forget what he saw! A pair of teeny, tiny eyes were there, staring back up at him as a baby lay there, scared. This certainly isn’t an everyday finding! But why was this precious child thrown into a trashcan so carelessly?


1473192302841-04-abandoned-child-1473110140256The carpenter immediately called out for help. He alerted the local authorities and they quickly came to take the beautiful baby boy to the hospital. It was there that he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, a chromosomal abnormality that severely disabled him. After he was treated in the hospital, he was moved to an orphanage. But why was he there in the first place?


1473192302961-05-abandoned-child-1473110374951No one knows this boy’s exact story, but investigators believe he was abandoned by his mother after she realized he had Downs Syndrome. So, he was named Edison, or Eddie, after the carpenter who rescued him from the dumpster on that fateful day. What would have happened to him if no one had noticed his moving bag? You’ll see on the next slide!

A Very Different Life

1473192303157-07-abandoned-child-1473110664612If that carpenter hadn’t spotted sweet Eddie squirming around in the trash can, it’s pretty unlikely that he would have survived for very long. Either he would have starved to death or been “disposed of” with all the trash he was hidden among. A fate that was not justified for any child, too young to protect itself.