A Beautiful Gallery of Taylor Swift’s $40 Million Legs

At this point, it’s pretty safe to assume that people either love Taylor Swift, or they’re just monsters. Right? I mean, you don’t have to listen to her music, but give the girl some credit: she writes her own songs, she’s generous with her fans, she can really sing, and yeah, she’s gorgeous.

Best of all? She has a real sense of humor. When media outlets began sharing a false story that her legs were insured for $40 million, she took the news in stride, making a joke about her cat owing that exact amount after leaving a lengthy scratch on her thigh.

Still, we can’t blame people for believing such an outlandish lie; just look at those legs! If you’re not already a true believer, you will be as soon as you’ve read through our gallery of stunning photos.

37. The Angelina Jolie Pose

13So right away, we’re thinking maybe these legs really are worth that much cash. I mean, having that one sticking out of a floor length slit dress is pretty darn elegant, right?



36. Fashion Icon


Ahh yes, that time Taylor performed at a Victoria’s Secret show. As you can see, she matched those runway models step for step with her long legs, despite wearing what can only be described as the meeting between lingerie and drapes.

35. Them Boots


So here she is in concert, wearing what I’m assuming is the sexy female version of a matador’s uniform. Despite being cradled in knee high leather boots, there’s a lot to appreciate about these bedazzled stems.


34. Iconic Nod


Her hair says Debbie Harry, but her getup nods to Madonna. Either way, we love the fishnets and think she pulls them off extremely well. Having her feet tucked into a pair of high heel Louboutins doesn’t hurt!

33. Paddle Boarding


Here we see Taylor paddle boarding on a nice wave-less day, wearing an old styled high-waisted bathing suit in bold black and white stripes. The athletic look suits her as well as that bikini.


32. Country Beauty


Now we’re jumping back a few years to Taylor’s country days, seeing her a little bit younger and more stylistically naive. She still looked great, of course, but it seems she got far better at showcasing her natural looks. Those ruby shoes look like she could click them all the way back to Kansas.

31. Red Shoes

Now we move forward a couple years to her groundbreaking 2012 RED tour, where she started pumping up her fashion sense big time. Ruby shoes make another appearance, but the ensemble has leapt into the high fashion arena. The legs are once again bedazzled!


30. Sparkling Flapper



Already, we see her sense of style transforming. Here’s a.. flapper dress? Chandelier slip? We’re not exactly experts, but we do know she rocks it well!

29. Empire Dress


For some real contrast, let’s look at this slightly older picture of taylor in a simple white empire waist dress, out and about on the town. The legs look fabulous, but they’re not framed in any special way.


28. Floral Fantastic


Jump forward a few years and see her in a floral outfit with high waisted shorts straight out of 1991 (as is the style these days) with those legs absolutely dominating the sidewalk. Even a pair of ill advised purple heels can’t stop them.