7 Warning Signs That Your Kidneys Might Be Failing

Your kidneys are found on the right and left of your body near your spine. They are each about 11 centimeters long. Their job is basically to keep the body clean of toxins.

They filter your blood (and thus influence red cells) to remove ammonia-based products to be excreted in your urine.

They are connected to your bladder to ensure that the waste has a way out of your body too.

We need our kidneys because without them, we’d die. So it’s important to know what the warning signs of kidney problems are so we can take swift action to head trouble off at the pass.

We’d never even considered that number 5 could be a sign of bad kidneys.

7. Tiredness


Our kidneys deal with the manufacture of red blood cells. That is, they produce the cells which carry oxygen around our bodies. When we’re low on red blood cells, we’re low on energy and we’re tired all the time. Constant tiredness may be an early warning sign of kidney problems.

6. Funny Taste

This is an unusual symptom and one that you shouldn’t take as a guarantee of kidney problems, but should talk to a physician about if you experience it on a regular basis. People with failing kidneys regularly report that they can taste a “metallic taste” in their mouths. This isn’t always reported during/after eating.

5. Urination Issues

The kidneys are also responsible for producing urine and if you’re having problems when you urinate, that’s a massive red flag that there’s something wrong in the kidneys. Watch out for unusual colors (over a period of time), changes in pressure and ultra-frequent urination. If there’s blood, don’t wait – go to the doctor now.

4. Blowing Up Like A Balloon

Kidney failure has a peculiar and under-reported side effect. It can cause huge amounts of swelling in random parts of the body. We hope that if you end up like this you won’t need telling to consult a doctor but just in case – we’d strongly encourage you to do so.

3. Breathlessness

If you find it difficult to catch a breath, then you might want to think about talking to a physician and having your kidneys checked out. That’s because your kidneys regulate your red blood cells and if you can’t get enough oxygen, you start struggling to catch a breath.