Sad About Life? 31 Heartful Breakup Quotes For You

4- Make Room for What Feels Good
Stop Holding The Bad

If there is one who is not bothered if he loses you, never mind and go ahead. There will be thousands who are willing to sacrifice to prevent losing you. That how we keep moving on and making more of breakup quotes.

5- Every Breakup is an Opportunity
Learning from Breakup

When we stumble, we think of breakup quotes, we learn to avoid the hurdle and we won’t err next time. With every loss you learn to put yourself right, mend your ways and win next time. It is like learning from your errors. It is a great quote selected from breakup quotes.

6- Paulo Coelho on Breaking UP
Feelings from Brazil

Paulo Coelho was an acclaimed thinker of his time. He is very clear about his thoughts and his words are counted among the breakup quotes. When it comes to love, no one will harm another. There is no way we could blame others for what we feel. It hurts to lose someone you love. But you must remember that you never own any other. This feeling will liberate you from all bonds and you experience the real freedom which is having what you need without having its ownership. Paulo Coelho.