50 Little Weird Things That Make Us Happier , Some are Just So Simple

40. Watching your breath float away in cold air

Watching your breath float away in cold air



Winter season can sometimes be a pain in the ass. However, you must understand the fact that not all many people are blessed to experience snow. One of the perks of having a cold season is seeing your breath fly away in the air!

39. Putting on a brand new pair of socks

Putting on a brand new pair of socks


Only feet lovers can relate to this! Many people would love to have brand new shows. However, it is only your sole that can experience the joy of having brand new socks.

38. Putting your Out of Office on before going on holiday

Putting your Out of Office on before going on holiday


Works can sometimes get to us. That is why people would sometimes wish to get away from it. Writing your out of office reply is a sign that you are finally getting the vacay you deserve so that is surely a nice feeling!

37. Smell of a fine wine

Smell of a fine wine


This is a feeling all wine lovers can relate to. Fine wine is rare. Having a whiff of it can surely make you giddy.

36. The smell of new books/magazines

The smell of new books,magazines


Nothing can ever beat the nostalgic smell that old books have. Today, many ebooks are available for us and many people say that books will become obsolete. This feeling is one of the reason why books are here to stay.

35. Dancing like no one is watching

Dancing like no one is watching


With the pressure that the society has placed upon us to look perfect all the time, many of us highly appreciate the moments when we can be ourselves. When you dance like no one is watching, your are showing society how rebellious you can be!


34. New car smell

New car smell


The smell of leather is one of the best scent in the world. Let us not mention about the fact that you work hard to buy your new car. That is why enjoying that new car scent is really one of the rewarding things on Earth!

33. Swimming in the sea / lake

Swimming in the sea,lake


Since we are all used to being in front of the computer all the time, we tend to forget the amazing feeling of being in touch with nature. Well, swimming is one good way to bring that feeling back! The heat of the sun, the press of water in your body and the proximity of nature are surely some of the best feelings in the world!

32. Popping bubble wrap

Popping bubble wrap


Many people may think this is absurd. However, a lot of people can relate to it. The reason why popping bubble wrap is so enjoyable is the fact that you do not have to focus too much attention to do it!

31. Stepping on crunchy autumn leaves

Stepping on crunchy autumn leaves


The smell of autumn can surely make you giddy. But do you know what is one of the best things about autumn? Stepping on the leaves and hearing them crack loudly!