Beauty Begets Beauty – March To 50 Beauty Quotes

4- On Happiness
Beautiful is the Happy One

Happiness is the ingredient that could enhance beauty than anything else. Maria Mitchell

5- Girls of Different Kind
Out of Box Thinking

There are girls of different kinds. There ones who are thin, tall, stocky, short, porcelain or ebony in complexion and shy, quirky or outgoing in character. All of them could be beautiful. But most often, people perceive beauty as something confined to a very limited area. Start thinking out of the box and go in front of the mirror to discover the beauty in you. Tyra Banks

 6- Words From a Beauty
Be Confident About Your Beauty

I am such a beauty that often people cry seeing me. However, it is not my appearance that makes them believe that I am beautiful but my being able to muster the power to say that I am beautiful. Since I was able to do that, they also get the courage to do the same. The division between beauty and being ugly will cease to exist when they do. This is because we are the selves that we have chosen to be. Margaret Cho

On another occasion she says:“Just because you are blind, and unable to see my beauty doesn’t mean it does not exist.” ― Margaret Cho