50 Amazing Cat Photos That Are a Joy Forever

6- Tickling The Ivories
Just Give It a Try

This kitty is either trying to perform a piano recital using only his teeth, or he’s a critic on the music routinely played on this particular instrument. We’re not sure which is funnier, but we’d love to see if he could play some Brahms for us!

7- Drinking Problem
Drops to Quench Thirst

When you’re thirsty, you’re thirsty, and no amount of awkward sink ergonomics is going to get in your way! This black and white cat has got his technique on point, as far as we’re concerned. Contorting himself into a ball, head inverted, he’s getting exactly what he needs.

8- Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever

We love this photo, showcasing the love and affection that routinely breaks out between cats and dogs when living together. Sure, people assume that they fight all the time, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Most cats grow to love their canine siblings, as this tight embrace shows.

9- Kittens Will Sleep Anywhere
In The Back Seat

It’s tough being a baby, whether human or feline. The little boy passed out in his car seat is a common enough sight – how fast do your kids fall asleep once the car is moving? – but the tiny orange fluff ball on his shoulder is an extra layer of ridiculous cuteness!

10- Smug Mug Morris
Just Morris, Nobody Else

Here we’ve got a real life Morris, the cat famous for appearing on 9Lives cat food commercials over several decades, holding a coffee mug with his very own face adorning the side. The smug grin on his face seems to indicate that he knows exactly how awesome he is.