50 Amazing Cat Photos That Are a Joy Forever

Some day, many millennia from now, future historians trying to decipher the story of the human race will look to our time and wonder in bafflement at the literally countless numbers of cat pictures saved on ancient hard drives, spanning the very edges of human accomplishment. They’ll assume that all of humanity was united under a religion devoted to feline worship. They might not be far off the mark.

Let’s face it, we love cat pictures, cat memes, cat gifs, and most of all cat videos. We’re convinced that YouTube is at least 50% cats, and so is Tumblr. This extreme number of cats around means that we’ve got access to an amazing array of photos that make us laugh and smile, and even bring a tear to our eyes. We’ve gathered some of our favorites here for your viewing pleasure.

1- “Hang In There, Baby!”
Hanging in Hangers

You might have seen this little guy before, on the internet or haunting your dreams. His body is made entirely of liquid or bubblegum, apparently, and he looks super comfortable. We’re actually sort of jealous!

2- Grateful Kitty
The Cat is Honored

This brown tabby looks pleased as punch to be receiving her new box of cat grass. In fact, we’d say she looks downright honored to receive the gift, which is a surprising sentiment for a feline to hold. Maybe she’s just eager, but we like to think otherwise.

3- Everything But The…  NOM

We can certainly tell what the owner has been feeding this orange tiger cat! That tub of Ben & Jerry’s looks all too familiar to the cat, stretching his mouth in the universal symbol for “nom” and/or “whoa!” Then again, it looks like he’s sitting on a set of keys, so anything’s possible.

4- Kitty Sits Like People
The Duck And A Cat

We love it when cats act like people, especially when they’re found sitting upright on their bums! This adorable little guy is even sitting near his toy duckling, absolutely doubling up on the cute factor. We hope he’s got a great view!

5- Cat With Buns
A Perfect Posture

This is one of our favorite recurring themes with cat photography on the internet: cats with people buns! These chubby kitties are just trying to relax, and they won’t let a bit of back fat get in the way! They’d probably resent the idea of resembling a human butt, anyway.