50 Amazing Cat Photos That Are a Joy Forever

Some day, many millennia from now, future historians trying to decipher the story of the human race will look to our time and wonder in bafflement at the literally countless numbers of cat pictures saved on ancient hard drives, spanning the very edges of human accomplishment. They’ll assume that all of humanity was united under a religion devoted to feline worship. They might not be far off the mark.

Let’s face it, we love cat pictures, cat memes, cat gifs, and most of all cat videos. We’re convinced that YouTube is at least 50% cats, and so is Tumblr. This extreme number of cats around means that we’ve got access to an amazing array of photos that make us laugh and smile, and even bring a tear to our eyes. We’ve gathered some of our favorites here for your viewing pleasure.

1- “Hang In There, Baby!”
Hanging in Hangers

You might have seen this little guy before, on the internet or haunting your dreams. His body is made entirely of liquid or bubblegum, apparently, and he looks super comfortable. We’re actually sort of jealous!