45 Date Ideas-Add Fun and Variety to Dating Experience

16- Try TV Dance Party
TV dance Together for Togetherness

Have a TV dance party: Just have some drinks and switch on the TV and tune a channel that plays music for dancing. Two is enough for the party.

17- Having Synth Party
Trying to Synthesize in a Synth Party

Enjoy having a synth party: It is a case of making adjustments to the various instruments but you will enjoy the music.

18- In a Photo Shoot Together
Both of the Two in a Single Shoot

Go for a photo shoot: This doesn’t cost anything but it is highly enjoyable. Even nudity could be there if you are comfortable with it. You only need a good camera for the purpose.

19- Night with Friends
Fun With Friends Together

Invite a friend to share a night with you two: Of course this not for anything like threesome but to add variety to the conversation.

20- Now a Quick Dessert
Let’s Make This for each Other

Prepare a quick dessert and enjoy it: This is a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

21- At a Contest
Contesting not for Winning but For Fun Alone.

Try joining a contest: May be there are contests that are being held in your locality. Join one of them and enjoy them.

22- Joining a Potluck
Joining a Potluck Brings in New Feelings

Try joining a potluck: Create dish on your own and carry it to the party. You will enjoy this being one of the best date ideas.

23- Going to Local Festival
Local Festivals Bring Local People Together.

Enjoy visiting a local festival: Irrespective of what the event is for a dating couple this is going to be a good idea.

24- Wine in Bath Tub
WOW, Sipping A Little Too Much

Wine drinking in bathtub: Buy some crazy bubble bath and make things ready by switching off all lights and lighting a couple of candles. You will enjoy it.

25- Sneakers Contest Would Be a Fun Too
Dirty Sneakers Means Contesting Carelessly.

Try joining a sneaker contest, competition is a great way for lovers to get close to each other. Probably you have local competitions where both of you could take part.

26- Don’t Miss Tour De-Food
Having Food For Fun Alone

Tour-de-food: if you are going to be short of date ideas just visit a number of restaurants and order a small item until you cannot eat any more. Include drinks also.

27- A Night at Cinema
Immersing Into a Story for Some Hours.

Lifetime movies: Watch these movies and you will have enough time to chat knowing each other as they are so uninteresting to view.

28- Ride Together at Night
On the Roads At Night Shining for each Other on Wheels.

Bike rides in the night: Night is a time when romantic date ideas could be made realities, Try taking bike ride in the night.

29- Dog Walk Together
Dog is Just a Notion, Else is Togetherness.

Walk a dog: Find a dog and take treat it nicely together. May be you could burrow a dog or use a stray dog for the purpose. If it is a stray dog find a good home for it at the end.

30-  Then Try Karaoke
Karaoke Sings On Tune Of Other One.

Try karaoke: This is also one of the common dating ideas. You can make it more enjoyable by choosing difficult songs to sing.