44 Photos That Prove You Have a Dirty Mind

7. Never trust your shadow.

At first look. If you don’t have a sinful eyes the first thing you will notice is her dress. Gold and sparkling. But others have more special eyes and they notice the shadow reflection in the wall looking like the girl is doing something but she is just apply a make up in her face. That is why never trust a shadow.

8. Oh! It’s a puppy!

It is really just a puppy which have a nice fur. If you see it as what im thinking then you have a dirty mind. In other sight it looks like a fluffy pillow. It is just when the puppy is lying like that well it looks something else. A pillow.

9. Looks like there’s a storm coming.

Oh C’mon guys. It’s just a weather forecast. The newscaster is just showing how the storm is moving its way and beginning to grow. Well it is just so bothering that he demonstrating it just like he is shoving something.

10. Aww.. it’s cracked. oh wait…


At first , I innocently thought that a butterfly has been formed by these cracks , until I started looking to the sides and then it clicked ! not an easy one to catch at first glimpse.

11. It’s Bath time!

Clearly it is her elbow though her elbow is pinkish due to the perspective we see it as her you know what. We only think of that because she is in a tub and she’s wearing nothing. By the way it is too big to be her thing.