41 Little Known Facts About Disneyland

4. Disneyland Had Only 18 Attractions
Disneyland only had 18 attractions on opening day.
The original entrance to Disneyland back in the day.

When the park first opened in 1955, it only had 18 attractions for visitors to enjoy. This is peanuts compared to the 58 attractions that the park boasts today. That’s the most of any of the 5 Disney theme parks running worldwide. Even better, 14 of these original 18 rides are still running today.

5. Mickey Mouse Ear Hats Are The Best Souvenir! 
Mickey Mouse ear hats are the most popular Disneyland Resort souvenirs of all time.
The iconic Mickey Mouse ear hat – also available in Minnie!

Nearly everyone who goes to Disneyland comes home with an extra pair of ears – making ear hats the number one seller amoung visitors. You can even get them personalized so as not to confused them with the rest of the family.

6. Mad Tea Party Tips for Speed Junkies
The purple teacup and the orange one with diamond shapes on it are the fastest spinners on the Mad Tea Party ride.
In the shadow of the Matterhorn, the Mad Tea Party sits in wait.

Do you live for speed? Snag a purple or orange teacup when you head to the Mad Tea Party and you’ll spin faster than everyone else!