41 Little Known Facts About Disneyland

16. There’s Something In The Water
The water features in Disneyland are green or brown to hide the vehicle tracks and filtration systems.
Monstros’ gaping maw awaits you on the Storybook Land Canal boats.

Disneyland isn’t the only place to do it, but the water in attractions is always tinted turquoise or brown. Ever wonder why? It’s to obscure the ride tracks and filtration systems and keep the park looking beautiful.

17. House Full of Ghosts
The Haunted Mansion has 999 ghosts in it.
How many ghosts lie within these walls?

The Haunted Mansions could be considered one of the most haunted houses ever. It boasts a whopping 999 ghostly inhabitants within its walls. See if you can count them all next time you’re brave enough to visit!

18. No ‘Staches in The Park
Employees weren't allowed to grow mustaches until 2000.
One of the many cast member rules, no ‘staches.

Up until the 2000’s, male cast members were not allowed to grow mustaches. This is just one of many strict rules Disney expects cast members to adhere to. When you have a public reputation like that, who can blame them? 

19. Walking With Pirates
Pirates of the Caribbean originally wasn't supposed to be a ride — it was first planned to be a walk-through attraction.
That’s one smart dog.

Originally, the hugely popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride was supposed to be a walkthrough attraction, as was the Haunted Mansion. Aren’t you glad they made that change?

20. Are Those Bones Real?
Real human skeletons were used as props when Pirates of the Caribbean first opened.
To make it look authentic, real human skeletons were originally used as props for Pirates of the Caribbean.

For authenticities sake, when the ride first opened real human skeletons were used as props in Pirates of the Caribbean. Today only one real human skull remains, the one attached to the headboard of the bed.

21. Announcers Stick Together
Disneyland park announcer Bill Rodgers and California Adventure park announcer Camille Dixon are married.
Birds of a feather, right?

The park announcer for Disneyland, Bill Rodgers, is married to the announcer for Disney’s California Adventure Park, Camille Dixon.

22. Steve Martin Was A Cast Member
Steve Martin worked at Disneyland in the '50s selling guidebooks and working in the magic shop.
Steve Martin spent his share of time in Disneyland.

Even Steve Martin can trace his roots back to Disneyland. He worked as a guidebook salesman in the Disney Magic Shop in the 1950’s.

23. Disney Is A Dry Park
Club 33 is the only location in Disneyland where you can buy alcohol.
Club 33 is the only place alcohol can be purchased anywhere in the parks.

To maintain the park’s image as “the happiest place on Earth” the only place where alcoholic beverages are able to be purchased is in Club 33, open only to adults.

24. Man Of The People
Walt Disney loved spending time with park guests so much that he would sometimes wait in line with them.
Walt Disney was a true people person.

Walt Disney enjoyed walking the park and talking to visitors so much that occasionally he would wait in line with them for attractions.

25. “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch.”
The ghost voice on one of the busts in the Haunted Mansion is the same voice that sang "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch."
Not only is he a good singer, he’s an excellent ghost!

One of the talking busts in the Haunted Mansion is voiced by Mr. Thurl Ravenscroft, the same man who sang the all too familiar song from “The Grinch” animated movie.

26. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle Holds A Secret
In 1995, there was a time capsule buried in Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
What secrets could the time capsule hold?

Somewhere in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is a time capsule buried on opening day of the park. No one knows what is hidden inside but the capsule is set to be opened on July 17, 2035, Disneyland’s 80th Anniversary.

27. Down Time
The first few years the park was open, it was closed Mondays and Tuesdays on the off-season.
Maestro Mickey in silhouette.

In the early days, Disney wasn’t the destination that is it today. To cut the cost of operations, management decided to close the park on Mondays and Tuesdays during the off season. These days the park is open year round.

28. $3.50 Used To Get You In
It cost $3.50 to get into the park when it first opened.
Modern disney tickets features all sorts of characters.

When the park first open, tickets were only $3.50 for a day pass! Can you believe that? At $79 a day for one park that was a great deal. It’s nice to know that Disney came from humble beginnings at least.

29. The Inspiration Behind The Park
Walt Disney wanted to build a theme park after taking his daughters to a merry-go-round.
Walt Disney birthed the idea of Disneyland after taking his daughter to an amusement park in the 50’s.

Walt Disney conceived the idea of Disneyland after taking his daughters to an amusement park and watching them play. He noticed how run down the park was and that the parents had nothing to do while the kids played. He dreamed up a place where families could go and everyone would enjoy the excitement and magic. He definitely succeeded.

30. The Tobacco Shop
 There was a tobacco shop on Main Street until 1991.
Mainstreet, U.S.A.

One of the original shops on Main Street, The Tobacco Shop closed its doors in 1991. These days it’s a music store that sells Disney music and videos, including music from attractions only found in the park.