40 Weird People You Wouldn’t Believe Actually Exist

If you think you have seen it all, take a look at this hilarious collection of weird people that are caught at probably the most embarrassing moment of their lives and are forever immortalized on the internet.

The cool granny, who smokes weed and drinks booze? She actually exists! The ambitious guy taking his iMac to the coffee shop? He actually exists! The girl who thinks she’s a cat? She exists, too! Read on to see them for yourself.

Warning: After seeing these pictures, you can never unsee them even if you want to.

1. Kinda explains why she’s in a wheelchair.

Surveillance cameras in Boston caught a 56-year-old woman who thought she was saving herself some time by boarding a subway station escalator with her motorized wheelchair. As it turned out, she wasn’t. Instead, she  wasted more time when she flipped backward and somersaulted down the escalator. Ouch. Luckily, reports said she walked away from the scene unharmed.

2. You think that’s smart, huh? You. Are. Going. To. Die.

Who would forget that Facebook craze called “planking”? In which, people lie face-down on objects while someone else takes their photograph. Crazy people planking on unusual places like on top of McDonald’s sign, on a tiger and on a balcony seven stories up were all over the internet. A guy even fell to his death while planking. Seriously, let’s please exercise some common sense here, guys.  Next time we invent a craze, play safe and make sure to keep our limbs intact, shall we?

3. The Newest, Coolest, Fashion Trend…NOT!


Seriously?! I wonder what this woman was thinking wearing whatever that is and in that hair color? Weird, weird, weird, I now believe that weirdest of the weirdest people are usually found on the subway.

4. Looks a bit nippy, eh?


This weird lady forgot to wear a blouse so she just tucked her tats into her pants. This might be the new planking craze…NOT. Is this what people at Walmart wear these days? I can’t. even. I don’t even know what to call this!

 5. Never heard of..

…that thing called an umbrella? Or maybe he just got dumped and was thrown out with the trash. He’s having a rough day. I feel for him.

 6. Here’s yet another wardrobe fail!

This is a great idea, that is, if you want to ruin your child for the rest of his life. When you look like something a Cheetah puked up, you know you’ve reached the point of no return.

7.  This lady who decided to watch a movie like this!


The theater seats are a little small for this lady so she just decided to watch the movie like this.

8. This lady taking the most touristy selfie.

This photo was taken in 2012. Back when people thought selfie stick wasn’t a real thing yet. Now, it’s the most essential thing every travelers and tourists have in their backpacks!

9. Bad time for wearing a cow costume, huh?

I wonder what crime did this weird man attempted wearing this.

10. This grandma.

I can see myself riding that cart when I was little but I couldn’t see myself riding that cart when I’m old! It’s weird but she sure looks adorable.

11. Young at heart.

enhanced-buzz-20960-1352995901-1This granny surely knows how to have a good time!!

12. This lady who is naked from the waist down.

Oh wait, no. She’s wearing a human-flesh colored tights! Ooohhh man, those tights are far too tight.

13. That cheese block.. I can’t even..

This woman is too hungry that she can’t even be bothered to slice that block of cheese.

14. Remember that time..

When nobody else would go out with you to the prom? This guy was wise enough to save himself from the heartache and rejection he might get when he asked someone to be his date by taking his Xbox instead.

15. Oh no, you didn’t!

Seems like whoever this witch lady’s team was on this game won!