40+ Things That Make For The Most Amazing Childhood Memories!

31-Orange Tapes
Orange tapes
Most colorful tapes ever

We loved those independent orange tapes. While growing up, it was generally what we knew. We didn’t have the modern compact and flash disks. Orange Tapes made childhood memorable. There was nothing like listening to the ‘venga bus’ off of these tapes.

32-Indoor Baseball
childhood memories 32
The thrill

I loved playing indoor baseball with my friends and siblings. Breaking all of my mum’s dishes got me into so much trouble than I wanted.However, those light moments were always fun.

33-Your First Mp3 player
childhood memories 33
The most amazing music

I remember my dad got me my first MP3 player on my tenth birthday. I could hardly believe it, trust me, I didn’t put it down for the first two weeks. It was such an upgrade from the orange tapes.

34-Your first work of art
childhood memories 6
The magic of color

As a kid, my first work of art was dipping my fingers in paint then onto a canvas. It was so memorable because my mother hanged it in my room and kept it safe until I was all-grown up. Believe it or not, it’s now a souvenir in my child’s room.

35-Green Ketchup
childhood memories 35
The tastiness…

I’ll never forget the taste o this particular ketchup. It tasted like a garden, it had an amazing flavor. When you craved it, there was no substitute.

36-Your special toy
childhood memories 36
Jolly memories

Mine was a huge teddy bear I named ‘Elmore’. It was more of my ‘security blanket.’ The only friend I had in the dark..when I was sad, when I was scared and crying. Elmore was my special toy. What was yours?!

37-The movie that made you want a pet so so bad
childhood memories 37
We all got lost in this..

Watching, ‘We’re Back: A dinosaur’s Story’ made me want a dinosaur of my own so bad, it made me cry. I was so disappointed to find out that these were actually extinct animals.I would have given anything in the world to own a dinosaur.

38-See-through phones
see-through phones
How cool was this!

They were not only the most amazing inventions, the design sort of beat today’s modern phones. See-through phones were the best.

39-Blow-up furniture
childhood memories 3
How convenient!|

As uncomfortable as this may sound, these kinds of furniture were actually really comfortable. They were also easily portable, convenient for storage and didn’t give anybody any extra cost in regards to furniture. The 90’s were a really cheap era due to lack of innovation.

40-The Macarena
childhood memories 40

The Macarena was a great feel good song with a feel-good dance move. You’d listen to it nowhere and you could never forget the words to it because everybody sang it. The beats were also great.

41-Trapper Keeper
childhood memories 41
The best of all time

This meant that all your important essential items could be well-kept and would never get lost. Te trapper keeper was basically a transparent bag that allowed you to ‘trap’ everything you owned in one huge bag.

childhood images 42
Nothing could compete with this!

This cereal tops any other that we enjoy today. The DunkAroos was really flavorful and had that unique taste that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I loved it on Christmas mornings. My mom often mixed it with a lot of love.

43-The original Walkman
childhood memories 28
Oh the music in this!

Way to save your best selection of music! The original walk man was ‘the’ most important thing to own while we were growing up. It made listening to music that much more enjoyable.

44-Salute your shorts
childhood images 44
The number one anthem!

Even though it only ran for two seasons, most of us still know the theme song by heart.

Someone once said, ” I wouldn’t say my childhood was bad. I stayed out of trouble. My parents taught me right from wrong., and knowing that I had a little brother that was following me, I had to make sure I was doing the right thing so that he could know what was right too.I was in the house nine times out of ten. There was nothing good outside for me.” One of the luckiest things I think can happen to anyone is to have a childhood full of happy memories.



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