40+ Things That Make For The Most Amazing Childhood Memories!

16-Balancing birds
childhood memories 7
Fun to play with

Any kid would be excited to see a bird balance on anything, even if it doesn’t fly. Balancing birds didn’t defy gravity – it took advantage of it. Thanks to two well-placed weights at the end of its wings, it was an amazing toy growing up.

17-Robot Dogs
childhood memories 8
Coolest toy ever

As a kid, there’s nothing better than having a toy that would do anything you want it to. Robot dogs were the coolest things ever. I’d definitely get my kids one of these.It just made play-time fun and memorable.

18-Pokemon cards
childhood memories 11
We loved some poker!

These were the ideal pack of cards to own. We loved everything form the real world locations, cute pikachu and the battles. It was fun while it lasted.

19-Gumball Eyes
childhood memories 12
Gumball Adventures

You know how there are childhood memories you can never forget while growing up. Well, Gumball Eyes is one of those things. We couldn’t live without Gumball Eyes, could we?

20-Book-Fair handouts
childhood memories 18
The book collection fantasy

Book Fairs used to ignite our imaginations while growing up. We most especially loved the free comic book handouts. Most kids developed a reading culture out of this, so thought our parents. I just loved a good comic book.

21-Mary-Kate and Ashley
childhood memories 14
The unforgettable sisters

Their career was a dream. They kept us entertained, traveled around the world and met the kind of people we only dreamed of meeting. The olsen twins kept our childhood dreams alive. They showed us the value of a good audition.

22-Mr. Feeny’s video
childhood memories 15
Feeny at his best

Who could forget Mr. Feeny’s life lessons?! He taught us confidence, the value of not judging a book by its cover, don’t take things for granted, the importance of facing your fears and that everything happens for a reason among other life lessons that we apply in our adult life today. Who knew?

23-Tom and Jerry
childhood memories 23
The never-ending cat and mouse adventures

This cartoon had a way with my funny bone. Every time I had a bad day or just needed a lift, Tom and Jerry would do it for me. We can never forget the cat and mouse shenanigans. These are times I very much cherish.

24-Malcom in the middle
childhood memories 24
Yes-that’s him!

We all loved watching this dysfunctional family while growing up. The stupid fights, the life is unfair tagline…all these things made us love the show. Watching the show made us think that Malcom was smarter than all of us, truth is-he is, Yes-No-Maybe.

childhood memories 25
How could we ever forget Angelica?

We all loved The Rugrats. Angelica’s adventures, the tweens and teens kept us fully entertained with a thirteen-year run. It’s a childhood story we all told.With the exception of Tom and Jerry, Rugrats is one of those things you’ll always remember.

26-The Boombox
childhood memories 26

The boombox was today’s version of the radio woofer. This didn’t matter as we heard amazing music off of it! It’s hard to forget the classic tunes.

27-Coming Soon: Own on DVD and Video
childhood memories 9
Remember this?

This showed us the kind of era that we were in. Technology was just starting to develop. We literally had to watch movies on video cassettes or listen to music on orange tapes.

28-The Talkboy!
childhood memories 28
Oh how we treasured this!

It’s amazing to think we could have once derived hours of entertainment from a simple recording device. Nowadays I’m lucky if the television and computer can briefly captivate me with their collective charms. Back then, Talkboy made it so fun and simple.

29-A Laser-box
childhood memories 13
Play-time with your friends

While growing u, we loved miniature games. Laser box was one of the best. It simply had the ability to throw enough scenery on a table and make for an amazing game.

30-Kitchen Rock-band
childhood memories 30
The horrible sounds this made

Remember the awful noise you thought was music that you’d make in the kitchen with your siblings? It was often a combination of latest, spoons and cooking pots. It often drove everybody in the house crazy. Ironically, for any kid, it sounded melodic.