40+ Things That Make For The Most Amazing Childhood Memories!

4-The Baby Sitter Club Series
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The best of Ann Martin

I think every little girl adored this novel, you always wanted to move on to the next series. It was almost like a refined ‘Sweet Valley Twins’, only better.I still have a soft spot and a deep nostalgia for these books. It was always a good read on spring break or the kind of novel you wanted to share with your classmates. I’m still dying for a copy.

5-Cupcake dolls
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Apart from barbie houses, these are what little girl’s dreams are made of, literally-dolls and cupcakes-all in one.They totally ruled our words. Having a cupcake doll meant that you were one of the coolest kids. I wouldn’t even mind channeling that inner little girl now. They were so much fun, can we go back in time?!

Meal Toys

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Made life so much easier

When you were a bad little boy or girl that did not want her food, our parents would often lure us with this. My personal favorite was always the Lex Luther is to superman. And yes-you’re right, I was a little girl. I think I loved it so much because I thought i’d one day become wonder-woman! Anyways, meal toys made eating broccoli so much easier.

6-Mini-butterfly hair clips
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Beautiful clips

If you loved fancy hairdo’s while growing up, then these were definitely your thing. It allowed our imaginations to run wild and probably made any little girl feel like they were the most fashionable growing human beings on earth. A good butterfly hair clip were a great part of our childhood memories.