40 Of The Funniest AutoCorrects Ever

Smart phones carry lots of facilities that help their users to use phones with the least effort. Auto correct associated with text messages is just one of them. But very many times it so happens that this tool will print the wrong word in your text message. One important mistake made by those who send text messages is that they forget to read the messages they write before sending them to make sure that there are no mistakes made in the text messages they write. This has resulted in some of them sending the Funniest AutoCorrect Fails Ever.

In case you go to certain sites in the internet you will find collections of text messages that have been printed by mistake that carry meanings that the people who input them never wanted to have in their messages. Some of them are incomprehensible while there are others that carry extremely bad language. All these errors have been created by the auto correct tool that is there in every smart phone. If you are a smart phone user who send text messages you may have experienced many such occasions. However, you need to make sure that you will not contribute to some of the Funniest AutoCorrect Fails Ever.

It is not a difficult task to switch off the auto-correct function to make sure that you will not be the contributor towards the Funniest AutoCorrect Fails Ever. However, it is not the fault of the tool but the ignorance of the user that puts him or her in unpleasant situations due to sending wrong text messages. Therefore, the best solution for the problem is to take care when you write text messages.

The best way to understand the seriousness of these mistakes is to read some of the funny messages written by people inadvertently. The following are some of the Funniest AutoCorrect Fails Ever to have been seen by many.

1- Epi Pen
Use of Epi Pen

It’s Gotta be one of Funniest AutoCorrect Fails Ever when dad and son inadvertently discuss penis and the situation turns awkward for both.

2- A Serious Spouse
Mom’s Corpse

Spouses have a relationship of their own style and fragrance. It is about the car but discussion turned to dead body. This confusion made the Funniest AutoCorrect Fails Ever I have seen.

3- Belt Buckle
Caught in Belt’s Buckle

Just a usual and casual discussion between the two as how the accident happened but belt buckel was written as butthole that created amusing situation making it all the Funniest AutoCorrect Fails Ever heard by me.

4- Way to Relax
Way to Relax

The writer stumbled not once but twice and made this Funniest AutoCorrect Fails Ever. A simple word meditating was once written as masturbating and to add to surprise when re-written it was menstruating to complete the scenes. What a shit !

5- Auto Cucumber
Drinking Coke

Here AutoCorrect was changed as Auto Cucumber and added coolness in discussion. Perhaps texts are done during driving and people do not get time to review and correct errors.

6- Chance for a second date
Beautiful Dimples

The boy praising and thanking his girl for the wonderful date mentioning her dimples but who knows when error would creep in. Dimples was changed to nipples adding little obscenity to his writing.

7- Pube Juice
Had Prune Juice

Between the friends, a casual discussion. One mentioning that he enjoyed prune juice but it was the cellphone that turned to Funniest AutoCorrect Fails Ever  as seen in the picture.

8- Butthurt
In fact Buttered Potatoes

Here are three of the Funniest AutoCorrect Fails Ever and those happened in one go, one after the other. It started with saying bitchgobblet potatoes which was corrected as butthurt potatoes and then ultimately it came up as bitthurt and finally corrected as Buttered. A sigh of relief that it was corrected.

9- God Donkey
Order Something

Erin is on the go asking to bring some boobsicles and again the same  boobsicles and then repeated as boobsicles. In shear shock said God Donkey! and that is finally asked if he needs 3 boobsicles and a god donkey. What a mess!

10- New Below the Belt
Below the Belt, New Thing

So he got something new and excited to share and says he got a new penis, repeats three times and then finally says it is PC he got.

11- Genital Thunder Storm
Listening to What?

What music perhaps the writer wishes to play to sleep? Writes “genital thunderstorm” and then same repeated and that makes one of Funniest AutoCorrect Fails Ever..

12- Tiny Deck
Party on Tiny Deck

Messaging becomes a fun and a great help too. Writer warns no to invite too many people as the deck is small but erroneously writes deck as dick. So the sentence finally says “tiny deck” but all that makes Funniest AutoCorrect Fails Ever.

13- How Big?
How Big is the House?

Asking something like a “hooker” that was corrected to “homo’ and re corrected to “homer” and finally the word came out to be “House”.

14- Buying a Castle
Buying a Castle

Last words to say good night to a person in love. Showing love and saying that love is strong and quantifying it like a castle……. erroe creeps in and instead of castle, word “casket” was used.

15- Stuck, Muck & Fuck
Stuck, Muck & Fuck

Here Dad is online and he needs help because his “penis is stuck” then says it is “stuck in the muck”. Does not stop here and continues as “stuck in the butt”. That frustrates him and he writes “what the fuck”…… Sounds like a poetry though but very thought provoking.