37 Jennifer Aniston Facts That Will Surprise you

27- She is 5′ 6″
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If you are interested on knowing Jennifer Aniston Facts it is good to know that the height of Jennifer Aniston is 5feet 6inches.

28- Fighting Rumors
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According to John Mayor, the ex boy friend of Jennifer, she was confused about Twitter and that is one of the causes for two of them to part and go their own ways. However, the actress has later said that she should join Twitter as it will help her work against rumors on her.

29- Next was Actor Vince Vaughn
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Though this sexy actress divorced from her husband, she was not lonely for a long time. Soon she started dating with the likes of Actor Vince Vaughn, Jason Sudeikis, a member of the SNL cast and singer John Mayor.

30- Justin Theroux The Next
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Jennifer Aniston met Justin Theroux while she was filming Wanderlust. She started dating the Actor, song writer and film director in 2011. Jennifer Aniston Facts tell that after just one year they got engaged in 2012.

31- Likes Mexican Food
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Jennifer doesn’t like spicy food such as Greek, Indian and Chinese. She likes Mexican food a lot being one of the Jennifer Aniston Facts.

32- With Her Pet
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One of the trivial Jennifer Aniston Facts is that she has two pet dogs. One of them is Norman, a corgi-Terrier mix and the other is a white German Shepherd she has named Dolly. Having a soft heart are among the Jennifer Aniston Facts.

33- Right Diet & Exercise
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She dislikes reading what is written about her diet. According to the shapely actress there is no special diet she takes. She only takes a healthy diet and takes lots of exercises.

34- Looks After Her Hair Too
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Everyone knows about her beautiful locks. However, she has kept a little pair of scissors in the glove compartment of her car, so that she is able to trim split ends as and when she finds them in order to keep her hair in the finest condition.

35- Therapist The Option
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According to Jennifer, in case she didn’t become an actress, she would have chosen to be a therapist today.

36- Favorite Movie
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“Wuthering Heights” produced from Emily Bronte’s novel of the same name and “Fame” are her favorite movies according to this famous actress.