37 Jennifer Aniston Facts That Will Surprise you

19- Out of Sauna and ….
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Once she was in a sauna with no clothes on her. However, one of her fans has been able to make her out. Strange things of this sort happen and no one knows how.

20- Brad made an appearance on Friends
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In one of the episodes of “Friends” Brad Pitt plays the role of Will. Ross is a friend of Will who comes to town in order to celebrate thanks giving. It so happens that Wills and Ross had a secret “I hate Rachel” club in their school. The comedy is that Pitt and Jennifer were spending a happy married life at that time.

21- Just A Blind Date
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One of the Jennifer Aniston Facts that will surprise you is the way Jennifer met her future husband Brad Pitt. It happened on a blind date which took place in 1998. After two years they got married in 2000.

22- Saturday Night Live
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In 1999, while hosting “Saturday Night Live” she made a satirical skit playing the role of Athena Marie Rolando, the stalker of Brad Pitt.

23- Married to Brad Pitt
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When she got married to Brad Pitt, Jennifer refrained from inviting her mother to the wedding for she insulted Jennifer when she wrote to tabloid newspapers. However, she went and approached and reconciled with her mother once again in 2005.

24- First to get GQ Man of the Year
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Jennifer Aniston got GQ Man of the Year award in 2005 and it was shared with Vince Vaughn and Curtis James Jackson who is better known as 50 Cents which is his stage name. She is the first woman to have won this award.

25- With Kojak Too
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One of the little known Jennifer Aniston Facts is that her god father was Telly Savalas who was an actor and a good friend of her father John Aniston.

26- Yogalosophy
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Jennifer practices yoga to keep herself in the right shape quite successfully. She even has done the filming of the introduction for the DVD yogalosophy which was created by her instructor in the year 2009.