37 Jennifer Aniston Facts That Will Surprise you

10- On Howard Stern Show
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On Howard Stern Show she was the Nutri-System girl.

11- Monica in Friends
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When the show “Friends” was to be produced Jennifer auditioned to play the role of Monica Geller. But she convinced the producers that she was more suitable for the role of Rachel Green. The producers agreed but they wanted her to bring down her weight by 30 pounds which she did. This is also one of the little known Jennifer Aniston Facts.

12- With NBC
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Her success started with the role of Rachel Green she played in the sitcom “Friends” produced by NBC. The show became so popular that name of Jennifer became a household name and a star was born.

13- Her Best Friend
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Courtney Cox is the best friend of Jennifer Aniston and the friendship began when she was acting in “Friends” together.

14- Golden Globe Award
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During the time the beautiful actress played her role in the show she won both Golden Globe award as well as the Emmy award.

15- Her Hair Deressing
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For over 10 years her hair was managed by Chris McMillan during the time when Jennifer was playing her role in “Friends”. He admits that he felt stunned when she had to cut the hair of the actress to create iconic Rachel.

16- The Best Paid Actress
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Aniston has played her role in “Friends” through 238 episodes. At the end, she achieved the status of one of the best paid actresses during her time. Her pay for a single episode was a clean one million US dollars.

17- Fights Flying Phobia
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In order to complete her assignments Jennifer Aniston has to do a lot of flying. But she is scared of flying. This is one of the Jennifer Aniston Facts most of her fans do not know.

18- The Personal Trainer
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In 2002 Mathew Perry, the well known actor who has both Canadian and American citizenship wanted to lose weight. Jennifer offered to become her personal trainer in order to help him lose his extra pounds.