37 Jennifer Aniston Facts That Will Surprise you

We All know She is a well known American actress, was born on 11th February 1969. Sherman Oaks, a neighborhood located in Los Angeles, California is her birthplace. John Aniston, a well known actor is her father and her mother is Nancy Dow. While her father is of Greek origin her mother has been born in New York City. She has two half brothers of whom, the elder one is of maternal origin and the younger one is a paternal half brother. These are Jennifer Aniston Facts that are not so well known.

Though the father of little Jennifer was an actor she was discouraged on viewing TV. However, she has watched TV and developed a liking towards acting early in her life. Her schooling began when she was six years old and when she was nine years her father and mother separated.  She started acting when she reached the age of 11 and later she went on to get a degree in music and art. Part of 37 More Things Added To Jennifer Aniston Facts are that she also joined the drama society in her high school.

By the age of 20 she has worked as a waitress and a bike messenger. She also has been a telemarketer for some time. If you read Jennifer Aniston Facts you will find that her career with TV started in 1990 and the first four of her television series didn’t become popular. However, in 1994 she found success with the help of Warren Littlefield, the head of NBC entertainment. Only a few months elapsed after the meeting and she was appearing in “Friends”, a sitcom that started in the fall of 1994-1995.

By the time the show ended in 2004 she became so popular that she was paid $1million for a single episode. Both Aniston as well as her co-stars became popular among television viewers the world over due to the roles they played in the popular series. She was nominated for several awards as well. The following are some of the Jennifer Aniston Facts many are not aware of.

1- Her Name
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Jennifer Aniston Facts reveal that the original name of Jennifer Aniston was Jennifer Joanna Anastassakis but she changed it to a shortened version to make it easier for her fans to remember.