35 Beautiful Bedroom Designs – #18 is Just Amazing !

16- Bed and Bath Both
Bed and Bath Both

This will save you a few minutes on your morning routine , no need to commute to the shower for this one. Not sure if that tub would fit two people can enjoy together though!

17- Together in a Barrel
Together in a Barrel

If you are visiting Germany, see these beautiful bedroom designs and sleeping in a beer barrel with a comfortable mattress inside, you will get that at the Landhotel Hof Beveland bedroom.

18- BeDress Overlooking Ocean
BeDress Overlooking Ocean


Well connected bedroom with dressing (bedress) area having feeling of vastness but compactly designed.

19- In an Attic
In an Attic

These beautiful bedroom designs are for the individuals who are charmed by simplicity. Away from the luxury, the design features a pitched wooden roof and exposed beams as if you live in an attic.

20- Round Around
Round Around

The design of the bed takes the center stage. The elegant headboard is nothing short of sophistication. The hanging chandelier plus the matching nightstand bring out a refined taste. The color scheme is also great.

21- Paintings Over the Bed
Paintings Over the Bed

Yes, this is art that has supremacy in bedroom but gives a difference in living. Wooden elements give a touch of class.

22- Compact and Young
Compact and Young

In the future, beds will undeniably come in different shapes and sizes. The beds will also come with additional built-in features such as storage, a desk, and even lighting.

23- Backlit Black n White
Backlit Black n White

This allows a lot of space and could have used some more interior decoration bits , but sometimes simple, is just what we need in our lives.

24- The Royal Look Luxury
The Royal Look Luxury

This design feature luxury at its acme; a round lavish bed, a large hot tub, an intimate décor, and overall romantic ambiance.

25- Atrium Top View
Atrium Top View

If you want to enjoy the charming sight of the stars and the sky while you gently fall asleep, then such like beautiful bedroom designs would fit you best. The design is found at the Kakslauttanen Hotel in Finland and it features  dome-shaped ceiling with metal frames and it is all encased in a glass.

26- Calm n Cool Mix
Calm n Cool Mix

Semsa is a genius, this spacious bedroom is one of these that we can enjoy looking at , and dreaming of.

27- Nautically Simple
Rugged and Tall View

If you want a nautical or beach-themed bedroom, then the rocking boat bed would be a great option fr you. This type of design will help you sink to slumber land in a relaxing way.

28- With a Sunset Inside
With a Sunset Inside

Your pick ? the bed or the view  ?  I bet it’s a hard call.  This is also a good time to wake up too to enjoy most of your day.

29- Marine Modeled
Marine Modeled

If you are a marine lover, then this design will whet your interest. The design features a room surrounded by glass, and you can see the fish, corals, and the sea in all its majesty.

30- Sobriety and Softness
Sobriety and Softness

You can smell country living in this image, but the bedroom is not too bad itself , although more could’ve been done above the bed.