35 Beautiful Bedroom Designs – #18 is Just Amazing !

Bedrooms are our nests in a way, we sleep and breed in them, and do much more. If you have a passion for designs and its classy looks then this post would sure tickle your fancy. Some of these designs are down to earth and achievable in our own modest homes, while others are just to die for.

1- The LED Illuminated
The LED Illuminated

This is one of our favorites and hence took the number 1 spot , we like both the beautiful bedroom designs as well as the glimpse of heaven seen from the window.

2- Sleeping in Open
Sleeping in Open

If you want to enjoy the outside beauty from the comfort of your bedroom, you can also have a part of top-floor of such beautiful bedroom designs with floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

3- High Contrast Bedroom
High Contrast Bedroom

Simple yet one of the beautiful bedroom designs, very nice and decorative pattern , subject to space available, it is a good choice.

4- Enjoy In a Bubble
Enjoy In a Bubble

Here is one of the beautiful bedroom designs that will make you feel as though you are sleeping on the lap of Mother Nature. The design comes in the form of a transparent bubble, and your only worry would be keeping the exterior unsoiled.

5- The Tent Night
The Tent Night

If camping does not float your boat, then this fashionable version of tents and sleeping bags will definitely change your mind. The concept takes all your bedroom to the woods.

6- The Tree Walled
The Tree Walled

This is one of the creative beautiful bedroom designs, takes you closer to nature but watching a video. Having tree walled concept is a different approach.

7- Ice Cool and Gloomy
Ice Cool and Gloomy

It would be somewhat oxymoronic have a warm night sleep in a bed made of ice, in a room made of ice, all part of cool beautiful bedroom designs. Nonetheless, you will have to try it, to get this amazing experience.

8- Night in a Studio
Night in a Studio

These collection of beautiful bedroom designs offers spacious but compact setting, but its mostly architectural, and the view through window is awesome. Wooden floor is exotic and gives a warm feeling.

9- Direct Under the Sky
Direct Under the Sky

To enjoy the grand sight of the fullness of the stars and the sky, you don’t need to visit a fancy hotel. If you pick one of the most beautiful bedroom designs at the top floor and design it with a big skylight overlooking the bed, then you too can enjoy watching the stars at night.

10- Glass 360

Glass 360

These beautiful bedroom designs are unique  not only for featuring a glass ceiling; the walls, floor, and the frame of the bed are all made of glass.

11- Fully Textured Ambiance
Fully Textured Ambience


With soft lighting against dark push-ins, these beautiful bedroom designs are simple yet too elegant to pass on.

12- Under the Greenwood Tree
Under the Greenwood Tree

Trees are known to offer oxygen. How about having a tree as part of your attractive and beautiful bedroom designs? This option not only brings a healthy idea  but also gives you the oneness feeling of sleeping in the middle of nature.

13- The Comfort Basket
The Comfort Basket

The Oge Architects unquestionably know the score of designing a comfortable bed without leaving behind coolness and uniqueness as part of various beautiful bedroom designs.

14- Luxury with Music
Luxury with Music

The pictures talks for itself, but yes, the bigger would have done a better job! These beautiful bedroom designs are worth drooling for!

15- Aqua Blue Behold
Blue Blossom

Apart from the fish tank having a calming and relaxing effect on people, they can also exquisitely polish up the choice among various  beautiful bedroom designs.