32 Ads About Social Issues That Will Make You Think Twice!

Although most of us think that advertisements are a selfish way for companies to self-promote, ads about social issues have been able to change this kind of stereotypical thinking. It’s amazing how the power of a social ad can help us change the way we see the world. It’s about applying marketing and advertising principles to promote health and ads about social issues-bringing about positive behavior change. When you watch or read a social ad, you go in expecting nothing-I mean-it’s a commercial! But you walk away holding your heart. It’s probably more heartwarming than some Oscar movies. Usually commercials that make a play for your heart (and maybe your tears and then your dollars) are so obvious in what they’re doing that you get desensitized immediately. Like being repeatedly smacked with a heavy hand, you lose feeling for stuff after awhile. These ads about social issues do a great job in avoiding that. They totally drive the point home.

1-Plastic bags kill
issues about social ads 19
Be careful

This is basically an ad about social issues campaign for saying no to misuse of plastic bags. Since they are everywhere and easily disposable, we tend to forget the environmental effects that they have: plastic bags break down and the leaching toxins are a threat to human life and the environment in general. It’s wise for us to stick to reasonable shopping bags.

2-Save paper-save the planet
issues avout social ads-extra
Save the world

With the world wasting more than 400 million rims of per in a year, that’s quite enough to cover the whole of Netherlands in a few minutes. Paper should be recycled. After all, we will never have a paperless society. Studies have shown that the USA is the leading country in paper consumption.

3-Driving slower is better
ads about social issues 3
Life is precious

This boils down to five major facts. When you drive slower:
a) You save gas as slowing down means conserving.

b) You save time as you will arrive much faster than a reckless driver who runs into an accident.

c) You save lives as accidents do not happen.

d) You save your sanity

e) You simplify your life

When you drive slower, you realize that it is a zen experience that you will probably enjoy more when you are cautious.

4-Air pollution kills more than 50,000 people in a year.
ads about social issues 5
Let’s love our environment

The trick is cutting down on those things that we take for granted, e.g. Turning off lights and other appliances when not in use and using energy efficiently. YES, these have said air pollutants. Choosing environmental friendly products  is also wise as it reduces air pollution.

5-Animal anti-cruelty league: Its not a football
Animal cruelty
Animals have feelings

Human beings should let animals engage in their natural behavior. We should also raise them in sufficient space and good shelter.  They also deserve to be protected. When we are competent and knowledgeable in handling animals, the world will be such a better place. Taking care of animals are important social issue ads that rarely go unnoticed.

6-Don’t talk while driving!
ads about social issues 7
The sadness in multi-tasking

This social issue ad teaches us not to put our life and others lives at risk just because of the need to complete a simple conversation on a very busy road. Safety is everything.

7-Think of both sides while you drive
think of both sides
Look left, right then left again…

Being an exemplary driver is important as human life is more important than anything in the world. Thinking of both sides while you drive means you will arrive happier and safer. Look before you leap.

8-Keep the sea clean: What goes around comes around
ads about social issues 9
Precious marine life

Ocean life sustains us. It produces half of the air we breathe and provides us with the water we drink. Water pollution is the most rampant. The ocean is also the only habitat our marine life knows of.  We all have a profound stake in an ocean that’s healthy and abundant. Avoid ocean trash-be considerate.

9-For the homeless, every day is a struggle
issues about social ads 12
They are people too

Travelling down the philanthropic road from time to time is not such a bad thing. Even if human beings do not notice your good and helpful deeds, they will not go unnoticed in God’s eyes. As the good book says, ‘love thy neighbor.’

10-Stop the Iraq war
ads about social issues 11
It only makes things worse

As much as the Iraq war is seen as retaliation cum defense, bombing kills and terrorizes civilians. This causes a lot of turmoil among so many people.  After all, someone once said, ” Fighting fire with fire is not always the wisest path to take.” Advocate for peace.

11-Buckle up, Stay alive
issues about social ads 15
buckle saves lives

In the event of an unfortunate road accident, your car buckle will play the role of protecting you. Be exemplary, especially with your children while getting into the car. Don’t take chances with your life.

12-Stop child abuse
ads about social issues 13
Children are gifts from God

Mistreatment of children, sexual abuse for minors and recruitment of child soldiers among other unacceptable acts against children should highly be condemned punishable offences. Children deserve to be constantly loved and protected. Apart from those blessings we know in life, children are God’s gift to us.

13-Save the planet, animals could if they would
ads about social issues 14
Let’s love our world!

This is all about teamwork. Human beings create plaguing environmental problems, however, animals such as porcupines disperse seeds of threatened plants to ensure that they do not become extinct  while organisms like bio films absorbs pollutants and viruses on growing plants. They are doing their fair share for the planet. What are you doing?

14-You see a dog, he sees a home
issues about social ads 17
Awww! The eyes!

Dogs have a sixth sense in understanding humans. Maybe that’s why they are referred to as a man’s best friend. They care about your feelings…know when you are sad, when you need affection, when you are in low spirits and a tail wag would cheer you up…they basically see a home and a family with you when you see them as an animal that belongs out in the cold. Reciprocate their feelings.

15-The future is man-made
issues about social ads 20
The future belongs to us

Conservation of the environment has always been up to us. We should all take proper precautionary steps when it comes to the prevention of air and water pollution.  After all, the earth is our haven, our home; it’s all we know-why would we destroy it?