3 Ways to Save Money on Food and Cut Back on Dining Out

Do you know how much Australians spend on food? According to Budget Direct, it accounts for 16% of the total expenditure. It’s a lot of money, so learning how to save some without feeling hungry or depriving yourself is ideal. Here are three tips:

Buy Them in a Different Form

For example, if you want to get Acai or other fruits, you can look for their powder version. You can also purchase canned soups, tinned meats, dried herbs, and frozen veggies.

These types provide you with the following benefits:

  • They can last longer than fresh produce, so you can now buy them in bulk.
  • You don’t need to visit the grocery store often. It helps you cut back on petrol and entertainment expenses.
  • Just because they’re in different packaging, they aren’t fresh. They can still pack the same level of nutrients.
  • They may also be cheaper since you get them wholesale.
  • You can avoid leaving produce to spoil.

Grow Your Own Food Garden

Growing food is another way to save money, but some people believe they need huge plots of land before they can begin.

These days, you can grow them through:

Several plants also grow fast so you can have them in less than two months. These include:

  • Radishes, which can grow as early as 25 days
  • Spinach, which is ready for harvest within four weeks
  • Lettuce, which you can harvest in 30 days
  • Green onion, whose stalks you can add to soups in three weeks

You can place herbs, meanwhile, in small pots, place them near window sills, and get enough for cooking.

Learn to Meal Prep

Not everyone who lost weight went to the gym. Some tried one of the simplest tricks in the world: cooking at home.

When you cook at home, you can portion food better. You also know what goes into your food, so you’re more conscious about calories and nutrients.

The problem is, cooking takes some time. If you’re in a hurry to work or to rest, it’s probably the last thing on your to-do list. You can learn to manage it through meal prepping:

  • Identify at least three to four dishes you wish to cook and eat for the entire week.
  • Invest in divided microwavable containers.
  • Cook food in large batches over the weekend.
  • Keep the ones you should eat within three to four days in the fridge. The rest can go into the freezer.

Here are other meal-prepping ideas:

  • Consider filling food, such as gourmet sandwiches or wraps. They’re easy to make and cheap, and you can consume them while on the go.
  • Prep your drinks as well. Online, you’ll find dozens of tutorials on how to make different kinds of non-dairy milk. You can also create iced coffee and, of course, juices.
  • Make a broth and then store it inside a sealed jar. You can also freeze them in ice cube trays.
  • Buy food in season to spend less money on food.
  • Use those powdered versions such as Acai to flavour your drinks and snacks.

Saving on food doesn’t have to mean sticking to salads and soups all the time. You can still enjoy the things you like while staying healthy with these three easy-to-follow tips.