29 Quotes About Life That Will Make You Instantly Feel Better

16- Flaws are but Natural
Flaws Within People

What he said. Imperfections and flaws should never be viewed as weaknesses in the first place. They’re only natural, and most people would agree that they are only human.

17- Expected of You
Traits When You Were Born

That is one deep piece of literature. The person you used to be probably means the real you and your thoughts, before they became tainted by expectations and dreams.

18- This is Gandhi
Gandhi Loves Being Positive

Among the quotes about life, this is a truly wise one. Gandhi explained perfectly how the little things can shape the kind of person we become.

19- The Facts of Life
Fact are Just Facts

This is the perfect way to tell someone to not lose to life’s challenges. In other words, it was never about the grass on the other side, but the journey to get there.

20- Journey of Life
Only Wish for More Things

What an inspiring quote. Life really is an endless journey to reach fulfillment. No matter what, you should be happy and content with the choices you have made.

21- The Confidence
People Wait for The Best

Among the simplest quotes about life perfectly arranged to lift anyone’s spirit. While blindly believing in a fact can be harmful, there is no danger in believing in how special you are.

22- Secret of Life
If Others Can Do It, You Too Can.

John Green and his witty humor. That is a wonderful perspective though. By thinking of everyone as average, you can calm yourself down and boost your own confidence.

23- You in Mirror Tell Quotes About Life
Know Your Faults

Flaws and weaknesses. The things that make you vulnerable can only hurt you if you let them. Work past your mistakes and become a person that you can actually be proud of.

24- The Precious Words

24Derrick Brown summing up the experience of falling hard for someone. Remember that feeling, the warm butterfly and constant need to be with that person? Cherish them.

25- When Friends Depart
Foreword Of Sad Story

A sad an unfortunate fact about the world we live in. Like the humans, their bonds too are as frail. A severed relationship might not fit this list of quotes about life, but it is still love.

26- Pain of Emptiness
We Miss as We Find Emptiness

That interpretation of human insecurities is really spot-on. Running from one arms to another, humans can sometimes rely on the comfort of others way too much.

27- Feeling Togetherness
Loving for No Reason

Love is all that. Women often want to know why their men love them. Hopefully these quotes about life can make them see how love requires no words most of the time.

28- Falling Apart
No One Becomes Doormat

This here is proof of how broken some people can be, and how direly they need companion and comfort, and the fact that not all their calls are answered is an unfortunate truth.

29- The Decisive Moment
Enough is Enough

Lastly, there is no love without respect. You have to hold yourself up to some standard before you can know what it is like to adore someone to the core, and hold on to them.

As we have learned, just wanting to love is not enough. Love is something so abstract that you might not even know when it hits you. What we all need is a better understanding of ourselves and the people around us. Accept our differences and our flaws that make us frail and weak, for they are what makes us human. Even Tolkien once said that “the gods envy us” because we are doomed and everything looks more beautiful because we are supposed to die. A great quote which is surprisingly left out from this collection of quotes about life. No one here is telling you to dwell in being weak, but no one soul should ever feel inadequate and helpless. Nobody is alone!

All the desire aside, we are all just lonely creatures who want nothing more than good company to walk with the rest of these short lives. The bonds that we create glue us all together, no matter how far we physically may be. In the end, life is all about memories, and whether or not you could say you have lived with those amount of memories. All quotes about life have one thing in common; that is to accept and live with the choices we have made. If we don’t like them, then simply remember to make better ones in the future.

Loving always begin with yourself. No one person who hates him or herself can truly provide affection to their loved ones. Love that is bounded by anger and disappointment can only grow into even darker feelings, so make sure to cleanse yourself before you love others. Do you know of other quotes about life that are just as inspiring? Don’t forget to comment and let us know what you think.

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