29 Examples of Animals Being Total Jerks


11. The Hunted Hunt The Hunter

The Hunted Hunt The Hunter



Looks like cars really love playing hide and seek. This is one trick that many children would do when they play hide and seek. Well, minus the pushing part!

12. The Dog Who Made The Job More Difficult

The Dog Who Made The Job More Difficult



Many people claim that the dogs are the most helpful and supportive animals in the world. Well, not in this case. The firemen certainly experienced the wrath of this naughty dog!

13. The Dog Who Lost Control

The Dog Who Lost ControlTeaching self control to dogs may seem easy but other dog owners can never understand the struggle of doing it. This is most especially true when your dog is as naughty as this one! He did not just lost his control– he ate the treat of the other dog too!


14. The Cat Who Needed Nest
The Cat Who Needed Nest

We know that cats have their naughty side. But this cat went over the top! Pulling the woman’s hair down and using it is a nest is just too much, even for a cat!

15. The Brilliant (and Evil) Dog

The Brilliant (and Evil) Dog



Dogs and cats have always been enemies, But what the dog did is just too cruel since most cats are afraid of water. It looks like he has found his enemy’s weakness!

16. The Dolphin Who loves To Chew

The Dolphin Who loves To Chew



Many little girls love dolphin. At first look, dolphins look gentle, harmless and just simply oh so adorable! Well, this dolphin changed the way we see dolphin when he chewed on that poor girl’s arm.

17. The Cat Who Hates Everyone

The Cat Who Hates Everyone



Cats look all mysterious and sometimes, it is very hard to decipher what they are trying to tell us. Well, it is very obvious what this cat wants. He wants his master to leave him alone!

18. The Fish That Flies

The Fish That Flies



Fishing is a fun and exciting experience for a lot of people. Well, this fishing trip would certainly be memorable for this guy. Who can forget that time when a fish flew straight to his badonkadonk, right?

19. The Hangry Animal

The Hangry Animal



We all expect zoo animals to be well fed and properly taken care of. Well, maybe the animal wasn’t fed before the show started. What do you think?

20. The Dog That Likes To Eat First

The Dog That Likes To Eat First



As they say, dogs are parent’s best friends and a child’s best body guard. But what did he eat the sandwich in his master’s hand? Maybe he was just checking if the food has poison in it?