29 Examples of Animals Being Total Jerks

We all know animals to be¬†kind, gentle and loving. In fact, many people claim that they love to stay and be with animals because they do not have any evil bone in theirbody. However, there are times when these animals that we love so much do things that we do not expect that they will do. For your information, animals sometimes act like jerks too. Don’t believe us? Well, these gifs will certainly make you believe.

1.  Dolphin Punch

Dolphin Punch

We see dolphins as loving and caring animals. Well, this gif has certainly caught us all by surprise. That simple punch has certainly knocked out the other dolphin!

2. The So-Called Man’s Best Friend

The So-Called Man's Best Friend

A lot of people claim that their dogs are their best friends. If your dog is comfortable enough to slap you in the face, then he might just be your best friend! What was this dog thinking when he did that?