28 Advanced Google Search Tips That Will Make Your Search Laser Targeted

16- Using Timer
Finishing In Time

Running against time? Let Google help, by providing you with a timer. The command “set timer for” will turn Google into your personal timer, and a friendly reminder.

17- Get Tipping Rate Suggested
What is The Tipping Rate Here?

If you happen to be at a foreign restaurant with your buddies, and find out that none of you are familiar with the tipping rate, just use Google’s tip calculator.

18- Get Specific Listings
For More and Specific Search

Using advanced Google search tips also make you better informed. For instance, searching with the keyword ‘songs by’ will leave you with the complete list of the said songs.

19- Who Wrote Books?
Just the Writer, Get All Books

The same thing goes for books and their authors in advanced Google search tips. This is especially efficient in searching for textbooks and the sort that have multiple authors and different publishers.

20- Even The Flight Information
Flight Information is Usually Needed

Feeling paranoid about a loved one’s flight? Use the advanced Google search tips and calm your head. You can get most plane information by searching in the flight number and airway.

21- Sunset and Sunrise Time
The Wake Up Call

As the world’s most updated calendar through advanced Google search tips, you can also learn of the precise time of sunsets and sunrises of your locations. No more missing out on those beautiful moments.

22- Find Word Origin
A Thoughtful Process Needs Source of a Word

Feeling like a linguist? Add the term “etymology” at the end of a desired word, and you can learn all there is to learn about the origins of that word.

23- Food Comparison
Ordering Food After Comparison

As if Google hasn’t done advanced Google search tips enough, it also lets you pitch two food against each other. So if you are ever stuck on what to eat for lunch or dinner, let Google persuade you.

24- See and Feel the Gravity
Subjected To Gravity Too

This one here isn’t exactly an advanced Google search tips, but more of an Easter egg from the developers. Try typing “Google gravity” and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

25- Tip on Correct Word
Search Word Really Correct

Google can also be obnoxious and remind you what redundant mean. There’s no harm in that, though. If you ask Google for a “recursion”, then that is exactly what you’d get.

26- Enjoy the Barrel Roll Too
Enjoy The Rolling

Apparently, advanced Google search tips has Google doing tricks for you, and you don’t have to ask nicely. Just type in “do a barrel roll” and beyond your expectation, it will.

27- And now Zero Rush
Feeling Too Much of a Rush?

Bored of researching the traditional? Engage in a race against time by typing in “zerg rush”. This will trigger Google’s falling o’s that will eat your search result, leaving blank white spaces.

28- Enjoy Google’s Own Catalogue
Search for Google Too

Finally, clicking “I’m Feeling Lucky” without having typed anything, you will be presented with a lucky find. You now have the catalogue of all Google doodles that have ever been used.

While all these advanced Google search tips are meant to make your searching better, it is how you use these tricks that matters in the end. By utilizing these functions, we engage in a growing experience where we expose our learning skills to better recipients. This in turn, allows for a better learning experience that can later decide your rate of personal growth and for future commands to be better and even easier. This progress should not be rated only at how useful the functions are, but also how these simple commands can produce better learners, who are more adapt at gathering information.

As an internet researcher, using advanced Google search tips it is a great pleasure to know that we can squeeze every last drop of useful information that can help make our day. Not using these skills would on the other hand make a fool out of us. Not because we do not know, but because we are oblivious to the world’s greatest treasure that is the internet. There are obviously still an abundant of information just waiting to be absorbed out there. While the problem is not its scarcity but its overwhelming amount, being specific and filtering out the unwanted results can make a huge difference. Advanced Google search tips should be the basic thing that a learner should know.

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