27 Must Watch Good Horror Movies

Watching movies is one of the general public’s favorite activity. Ranging from various genres, the movie-watchers of today are also divided into different types. Some are hooked with chick flicks and rom-coms, some only watch action movies, while some others prefer science fictions. One of the most prominent genre is definitely horror movies and their horror addicts. Going back as far as the emergence of film-making, horror or thriller has been a fan’s favorite consisting of audiences of various age groups and of course both sexes who look for good horror movies.

These kinds of films are loved by many due to various reasons. Most would agree that they love so much because it helps them in coping with the fear. There are also people who are terrified faceless but still watch them regardless. Whether or not you watch these films, it cannot be argued that horror movies have one of the widest audiences among movie goers. Personally, it is quite strange to see people looking out for these scary stuff yet when they do watch the movies, they cower away behind their hands or pillows.

Decent thriller films differ from one another. Not all involve ghosts and gore scenes. Movie fans would agree that good horror movies do not need blood and violence to be scary. If the directors are good, they can avoid using bloody scenes and still manage to instill their audiences with an unshakable fear. Many have also succeeded too. There are even movies that manage to be scary and creepy despite not belonging to the horror genre. This time we will take a look at some of the best horror movies of all times, as agreed by many.

1- Irreversible
French Movie “Irreversible”

Starting off our list is the film “Irreversible”. A French film, what’s unique about it is that the movie begins with the end, and so the audience must watch until the end to know how it all began, and to make sense of it all. You won’t find any ghosts or zombies in this movie, but a thriller regardless of all usual being among the good horror movies.

2- Eden Lake
Eden lake without Supernatural Events

Eden Lake is also a thriller with no supernatural beings but among the good horror movies. It tells about a couple who wandered too far into the forest while on their honeymoon, and how they regret doing it.

3- Shutter
Shutter from Japan

Shutter is a horror flick from Japan. Remade into an American version, fans all agree that the original is far more superior, in terms of the scary level. Good horror movies mostly hail from the land of the rising sun, so this movie will not disappoint you.

4- Trick r Treat
Halloween Movie Trick r Treat

Next is another from good horror movies, a Halloween movie titled Trick r Treat. One of the movies released for Halloween, this movie have been said to creep Halloween out of the systems of its audiences. Now isn’t that interesting.

5- Husk
Simple Story, Strong Impact

Good horror movies often have a distinct trait to them, just like this movie Husk. Telling the story of a haunted scarecrow, you might never approach scarecrows again after watching…

6- Noroi
Noroi from Japan

another quality thriller from the Japanese, Noroi: The Curse has been agreed by many to be unfortunately underrated. It entails parts of a mockumentary and some found footage; the bread and butter of all scary movies.

7- Innkeepers
Great Plot – Innkeepers

The Innkeepers was dubbed as one of the most suspenseful thrillers of all time. Great plot and a great ending, it is one of the good horror movies you need to pay real close attention to truly understand.

8- Honeymoon
Romance Packed with Horror

Next on the list is Honeymoon, a movie about a newly weded couple whose honeymoon went horribly wrong. It is really not advised for newly married couples to watch this movie, for some have reported to be deeply disturbed by it.

9- Kiss the Girls
Kidnap and Killing

another among the good horror movies that does not involves ghosts, Kiss the Girls is a film about a serial killer who kidnaps women. Scary in a different way, this movie will show the dark side of women abuse at its peak.

10- Mother’s Day
Caught by Psychopath

Mother’s Day is aptly named, and also entails the story of women who are stalked and held captive by a psychopath. This is one of the good horror movies that would make you think twice about walking alone at night.

11- Hush, Sweet Charlotte
Beauty in Black n White

At number 11 we have Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte. A classic horror flick shot in black and white, many hold this movie as the ancestor of psycho/slasher movie. You are not a true horror addict if you have never seen this movie, or not planning to.

12- Ellen Page
Mix of Comments

Hard Candy stars Ellen Page, whose performance was widely commended for this movie. Many described it to not be typical at all, yet still intense and bone-chilling. This movie is considered by many to be highly unappreciated.

13- The Quiet Ones
Quietly Impacts Sleep

Many have reported having trouble sleeping after watching The Quiet Ones. Only released this year, it has already climbed the hearts of many horror addicts as one of the best horror movies.

14- The Honeymoon Killers
Among the 1969 Classics

Among many good horror movies that involve no demons whatsoever, The Honeymoon Killers is based on a true story of a twisted couple who, like the title suggests, kill people on their honeymoons. A classic from 1969.

15- Stranger Calls
Who is Calling ?

When a Stranger Calls was released in 1979, and has become a sort of role model for various horror flicks after its time. A babysitter receives harassing calls from a stranger, whose calls turned out to be coming from inside the house of the babysitter.