12 Amazing Facts About Native Americans That You Don’t Know

#1 They Helped Bring Democracy to the United States


Observing the way that the Iroquois operated helped to form the cornerstone of American democracy as we know it. The Iroquois had a chief that who would rule as long as long as the tribe supported his choices. The Iroquois were a union of separate tribes, sort of like how the USA is a collection of states.

There you have it, 12 unbelievable facts about the history of Native Americans that you likely didn’t know about. Hopefully, knowledge of these things will help you be able to identify more with them and truly understand the massive struggles their people have gone through. While we all have hardships and roadblocks in our lives from time to time, these often will pale in comparison to what the Native Americans have had to go through throughout their history on the land. Even today, they are still a largely misunderstood people who experience a ton of racism on a day to day basis.