12 Amazing Facts About Native Americans That You Don’t Know

#4 Lone Wolf the Younger


Lone Wolf the Younger is a nickname given to someone who led a resistance movement against the USA when they attempted to open up more land to white settlers. It went all the way to the Supreme Court, but in the end, Lone the Wolf Younger lost, and 480,000 acres of land was taken from the Native American people.


#3 Many States Got Their Names From Native American Words


American Indian culture has much more to do with the current landscape of the USA than you might think. In fact, about half of the state names are dervied from American Indian words such as Arizona, Kentucky, Connecticut and more. The next entry is a sad reality that occurred hundreds of years ago.


#2 Severe Drop in Native American Population


When Christopher Columbus reached the “New World,” there were millions and millions of Native Americans there. But in the next few hundred years, this number would drop to well under half a million. Despite this fact, the USA still actually got something pretty important and influential from the Native American people.