12 Amazing Facts About Native Americans That You Don’t Know

#7 Invention Of Sport


Lacrosse is a popular and noble sport now and has Native American culture to thank for its roots. The game originally had hundreds of players take the field and wagers of women and children were often common. While you may not have known that Native Americans created Lacrosse, you likely know they created the things in the next entry.


#6 Totem Poles


Totem Poles show up primarily in the Northwest of the USA and Western Canada. These poles are very detailed and present carvings that symbolize stories and legends for each tribe. These can often stand several feet tall and used to be popular, but now pole carving has ceased almost entirely.


#5 Variety of Burial Practices


Despite earth burials being popular among Native Americans, each tribe had a different protocol for what they did with the dead and their belongings. For example, some tribes would use trees of scaffolding to hold the dead, as they believed that would help them in their journey into the spirit world.