25 Crazy Images of Caitlyn Jenner Before She Was Famous

Bruce Jenner made headline when he outed himself in public and when he made the biggest decision to change his life– to undergo a gender reassignment therapy. He now calls herself Caitlyn Jenner but it won’t hurt if we will walk down the memory lane to give honor to the life that he has lead before she became Caitlyn.

1. Handsome young man

A handsome young man


Bruce Jenner was born in New York in the year 1949. He has Canadian roots because his father and grandfather were born from the North. At a young age, he has been diagnosed with dyslexia.

2. The athletic type

The athletic type

Because of his amazing football skills, he was able to earn football scholarship from Graceland University. However, he suffered from a serious knee injury so he decided to switch to decathlon instead.

3. A Passionate Athlete

An up and coming Olympic Champion

He graduated from the University of Graceland with a degree in physical education. WIth his passion in sports, he knew what he wanted to do right after graduation. He just not only want to join the Olympics. He wanted to be the winner of Olympics Decathlon.

4. A Determined Athlete

Determined to win

He started training for the Olympics and made it to the team in 1972. During the men’s olympic trials, he was able to outrun all his opponents by 22 seconds and he knew he was able to achieve his goal.

5. Unstoppable Athlete

She didn’t stop thereHe trained hard, 6 to 8 hours a day. But during training, he has to make a living so he sold insurance policies during his spare time. This didn’t earn him much money but he was focused on chasing after his dream that it did not matter.