25 Celebrities Who Love to go Commando

Celebrities now are not afraid to admit that they go commando, especially on the red carpet. Though some don’t admit it but the whole world can see it, thanks to the ever alert paparazzi. We’re not sure whether it’s a fad in Tinseltown or just a matter of preference. But going commando, according to the believers have pros too. Like not being bothered with fabric rubbing between your legs, good air circulation to prevent bacteria build up, someeven some say it’s fashionable (Read: No visible knicker lines) or just to enhance intimacy between you and your partner. Whatever fits your boot. However, there are also some celebrities who go commando just to attract attention. Hey, what’s a celebrity if you’re not being talked about, right? So here are 25 celebrities who love going in commando.

25. Reese Witherspoon1 reese

If not because of the strong wind, we wouldn’t know that Reese likes going commando. She was just enjoying a stroll in the city. But then again, a celebrity has no privacy so the paparazzi have caught a scoop-worthy news unexpectedly. Sorry, Reese.