24 Animal Facts That we Ought To Know

Are you fascinated by the new discoveries about animal facts and their living? If so, you must know animals, like, you have the whole network of social life; with everyone has defined roles and responsibilities. Are you a true animal lover? You feel for them and spend time with them then you would be mesmerized and spell bound by these amazing animal facts.

So far, scientists and wildlife explorers some animal facts as super cool and ultimate blow- your- mind- facts about animals. Animals have fascinating skills, ways of communication, expression of love and care. They possess disciplined, adventurous yet organized styles of living. They can be guardians as well as rock stars. They have plethora of all the emotions, feelings, skills for survival, possessiveness, and parental skills as in case of squirrels. Some of them have cosmopolitan lifestyle too.  But it in a cute yet unique way! To avoid boredom some of the birds play shenanigans with their fellows.

To your amazement, some of the coolest and cutest animals are getting accolades from defense office as well. It’s all about giving them that space to discover more about their God-gifted animal facts, talents and capabilities.

Animals are simply amazing. Just like humans, animals have innocence, fear of losing, and quest for true love and many other animal facts. Humans and animals have many similarities. It is a matter of understanding each other’s way of manifestation. According to one of the travelers from National Geographic, ‘there is still a big world out there to explore’.  Though animals have become globalized too but still there are still so many unseen arenas to be found.

People who are animal lovers have certain distinct personality traits. Some people are of the view that most of the people are animal lovers. Therefore, the rise of anthropomorphic literature is on the higher graph. The transcendence of human traits into animals is not a new concept. It is a reflection of that desire through which animals could also be considered as human like.  By knowing more about these super cool animal facts you will become more close to the idea of anthropomorphism.

 1- Squirrel Nursing
Saving Their Nation

Animal facts reveal that squirrels have the unique ability to become guardians of orphan baby squirrels. They nurture these baby squirrels like their own children.

2- Minusical Music
Bees Teamwork

To give signals to other fellow bees, Honey bees in the form of conglomeration starts dancing and rocking on the flowers. This is cool yet awesome code language.

 3- Holding Tails Being Among The Animal Facts
Holding Tails is Special

Have you ever felt frustrated while finding a true mate for yourself? Well then you should envy these Seahorses beautifully wrapped in yellow color. They not only find their soul mates but also promise to live their rest of life with them. To show their genuine affection they hold tails of each other together.

 4- Chicks Affection
Chicks Communicate Before Birth Too

Do you remember your Grandma from the village sent you pure eggs pudding till she lived there? She used to have those little chicks at her farmhouse. And she did mention it to you about their sweet language they speak with each other. Astonishingly chicks have to ability to communicate with their siblings before they are born even.

5- Socializing Cows
Hi, Buddy How Ya Doin

Some animal facts is really unbelievable. It will change the stereotypical notion about the cows that they are boring and foodie. They can socialize with not only other cows but they have their best friends also. They spend their time with them like your moms at kitty parties. But be careful telling this analogy to your mom!

6- Farting or Just Breathing
Breathing or What Else

Kim Kardashian has no exception for her sexy butts but you wouldn’t even have imagined in your wildest imagination about animal facts that turtles breath through their cute little butts.

7- Crows Have Fun
Wow, They Enjoy Shenanigans

If you think you are the coolest guy to have prankster instinct then you would probably be unaware about animal facts that crows and their nature of playing shenanigans with other crows. Crows play tricks just for fun! You must be thinking what will they do the next weekend?

8-  Acrobatic Dolphins
Cute Dolphins are Acrobats

Dolphins are super amazing and super acrobatic. Such animal facts is that they love to entertain each other. Among their groups every dolphin assigns name to her favorite fellow dolphin. Now they can use Facebook with their proper names. Dolphins on Facebook, isn’t a bad idea?

9- Dogs and Their Soul Mates
They Do It Better Than Us?

Dogs have an extra-ordinary sense of romance and love making. When start dating, dogs intentionally do play-wrestling with his female counterpart and let her win. A small trick helps him in knowing her better. So, all the men out there what are you waiting for? Go get that sweet punch from your girlfriend. Just to know her better!

10- Little Stuart Giggles
Giggles by Rats

‘Stuart Little’, the famous star was the perfect animation of real rats as they are so cute and so polite. They never laugh loud but smiles and giggles when they find something funny. If you disgust rats, you will change your perception about them as they look awesomely cute while smiling.

 11- Ants in Discipline
The Japanese Tradition – Ray

You all know ants are disciplined and very organized specie. They do not like clutter. For your wondering, do you know ants are very humble? They always bow their heads to say hello!

12- Music & Whales
Whales Love Music

Whales, like Hitler have love for art and music. Humpback whales are astronomically huge that no one ever thought of them as singers? But to your sheer surprise, whales have the ability not only to comprehend music vibrations but also can create music of their own. The only point is they do not have any copyrights for their music.

13- Colonel-in-Chief
Colonel-in-Chief Penguin

Now this is amazingly ridiculous! Do you know a penguin has titled as Colonel-in-Chief Sir Nils Olav by Norwegian army officials in a ceremony. Be careful while in Norway as you never know when a penguin can come to arrest you?

14- Innocent Goats
Goats Do Fun and Talk to Each Other

Goats are the symbol of innocence and sacrifice. The kids of goats are so cute and marvelous that they are irresistible for your children. They always want to take them home. Baby goats have a unique and so familiar tone of accents similar to human accents. If you do not believe, you can see it for yourself.

 15- Little Bat
Too Small a Bat

Bats are spooky and scary creatures. They always remind you of horror movies of your childhood. If you have fear of bats then do not worry as there is a world’s smallest bat which you can hold in your finger. Try not to smash it as it is really small. This little wonder is called Bumblebee.

16- Light Weight Panda
By Birth, A Small Animal

Imagine you are holding a cup of tea and someone tells you that a newborn panda has the same weight as of your cup of tea. Do you believe? These animal facts reveal this being true. Panda baby is so lightweight when born.