23 Years After A Husband Disappears, The Mystery Is Solved

A family is probably the most important people you could have in your lives. They are the people whom you will grow old with and the people who will see you at your best and at your worst but still love you for who you are. But what will you do if they turned their back on you? Just like this heartbreaking story.

This is the sad story of Linda Iseler and her family. In 1993, Richard Hoagland, the patriarch of the family suddenly disappeared and was never seen again. Linda and their two young sons were left behind with no money or any clue to help pick up the pieces. She was forced to raise her sons alone. The police consequently eyed Linda with suspicion and spied on her family. But 23 years later something happened that nobody would have expected. Read on to find out what happened in this mind-boggling story!