23 Super Celebs Who Support President Trump (#19 Will Shock You)

Donald Trump may be one of the most popular presidential candidates among the list. He has attracted supporters from a wide scope of demographics the experts would never think of supporting him. Although he has a ton of heavyweight supporters that endorse him ranging from sports stars, celebrity A-listers to business heavyweights. He may not be as competent and knowledgeable as the other experienced candidates but his impressive list of supporters will definitely surprise you. His hairpiece or skin color may seem to be taking a life of its own but he’s definitely an interesting addition to the presidential lineup. Here are the 23 Super Celebs Who Support President Trump.

23. Tom Bradytom brady

The multi-awarded NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP is a friend and supporter of Trump. They actually play golf together and called Tsupportingarkable.” In a bullying fashion exchange with the liberal media, they asked him several times to clarify his position with regards to supporting Trump and threatened to trash him if he continued to do so. He just laughingly replied, “This is really important to you guys, huh?”